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Recommended brand of table tennis bats!!!

jinxin2342010-02-10 15:01:57 +0000 #1
I wanted to give my seniors to buy a racket about 1,000 yuan plus leather bar

He likes to play a leading

My job is to find he gave me the good work

I am very grateful to but there is no return, he could only buy his favorite expression of mind Pen


he is a butterfly I saw him through the brand T shirt

should be like the butterfly like a butterfly is a Japanese bar

I want to buy in Changchun

Help me out of an idea
81,916,3952010-02-10 15:07:19 +0000 #2
give you three board plus the configuration of rubber as a reference

the first one used for YEO Marin straight to people like马林亚萨卡, and with Tian Ji 2 + butterfly Bus

physical store prices YEO 480 Tian Ji 280 bus 300, black and Tian Ji 2 red bus, on-line buying is estimated that the configuration of cheap


The second is the butterfly king, + Tian Ji 3 + butterfly EL , butterfly king who fought a lot, but this board are false, find a great store to buy more than 700 800 bar appearance, Tian Ji 3, or that a price, EL140-190, the above configuration can also be replaced by buses that EL

The third is Hurricane Hao Tian Ji 3 + bus + specific price asked entity Shop Bar

These are the well-known tempo, most recommend the first one, the first two, the third is very general in

the first person known to play a knowledgeable like, the first two grades of hand can also be impressive with the first three are not recommended on the beat need to see

with to pass, and I give him after reading assigned, but the feeling is still on the first, what is not good

QQ asked me understand 529,419,901
On his days2010-02-10 15:51:15 +0000 #3
Double Happiness German title challengers Beas butterflies these brands all came to a good



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