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Double Happiness Table Tennis Racket 6002 Weight Issues

73135712010-02-10 15:02:09 +0000 #1
bought the security code adopted - but I went to another store a comparison with other genuine racket - the red color of light that the surface of the skin and basically the same as the black rubber on the skin `there is the extra-point cut small-angle , there is not the same weight of my own weight a little bit, may I ask how's going on? Is it genuine?
zombieyang2010-02-10 15:13:49 +0000 #2
not the same as the weight is normal, because the weight of the wood had not thought to control.

Rubber color does not matter, rubber product making the above are not as good a single sale is actually one of the rougher edges, and homemade quality control is also poor.

The uneven cut more normal, and the machine cut Probably a little bit crooked sort of chanting.
Steel Wall Sports2010-02-10 15:43:42 +0000 #3
How much did it see you, as long as less than 180 yuan, and in any case of laser anti-counterfeit fake

Now a lot of outflow from the internal DHS, are attached to the cottage on the goods. Through the security can not prove that the real thing, but you want to get back is impossible, Trade and Industry Bureau is also no way to check. Because through verification. But the real counter purchase price of genuine goods and the cottage is the difference between a lot, but now they appear online, 40 more than 4 stars, more than 110 five-star, 150 more than six stars, without exception, all of this is the cottage of genuine goods posted Laser label.

Identification of the major to see:

1, protection boxes have manufacture date laser. Most are genuine, not fake.

2, the new rubber protective film if there bubbles fold, authentic fit closely, in addition to four weeks because of transport may be a bit away from skin, in the middle without any air bubbles and folds, while the fakes off foil technique, however, most folds and there bubbles, this is the most powerful method of difference.

3, see prices, limit prices of four-star 60, the five-star 140, six-star 180. Is not the price is certainly higher and it is genuine, but 99.9% below this price as a fake.

You say the weight, this is not done in the authentic 100% in the same weight, poor 10 a few g is normal.

Rubber is it true you can only look protective film, is absolutely confused as real ones look fake. Do not pass contrast is not apparent.

Genuine plastic pitche at least I have not found with a corner, and do not know how much the so-called small angle.

Through the above points, you will soon be able to know that buying is not a cottage goods, Double Happiness is mainly sold in six-star brand is really best not to buy a fan, not to buy fakes. So not as good as 100 is good money to their own set of sticky.



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