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Table Tennis differences among the various technologies and the same point of how to play the best b

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Seven Chivalrous the Seven Chivalrous2010-02-10 18:07:22 +0000 #2

Rotary and down-side loop do not turn

1 itself must be able to send all of these skilled ball with the same kind of tactics the best!

2 to the above will take the ball


able to look at opponents hit the ball over the rotation speed of placement of the power

observation stations play opponents like to know ourselves Baizhanbudai Features

slice the ball past the next spin slow

block shot does not turn the ball past the ball faster than

the point is not chopping block shot to play a relatively important loop of the most important thing is the pace! ! !

The pace of the life of table tennis!

To increase physical running leapfrog table-tennis there are also special training in both the pace of increase in fitness that can enhance the strength.

Ah suited to their ping-pong equipment is also key beginner may from time to consider the



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