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How to choose a suitable for your own table tennis bat?

longsuai1232010-02-10 18:01:38 +0000 #1
I love to play table tennis, but because they do not know how to choose their own racket, so to ask you Big Brother Big Sister. How to pick the one suited to their own racket, or the right to teach me how to buy their own rubber, sponge, backplane, but also tell me how to sticky? Thank you, help me I shall be most grateful ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 1
Guoliang coyotes2010-02-10 18:14:37 +0000 #2
beginner to buy Milky Way N1, or EC-13, U4 was also very affordable!

Rubber loop if you are buying a new ball is 729-2, and negative Palio can be (I am playing with the red and black floor shake-hands grip, the opposite is also the Palio, which Pila loop, playing the beating, chopping, pick the ball pretty good, but also cost-effective, energy-within 30 yuan, if you are a novice is in hand to make use of 729-2, if the forehand a bit level, it posted double happiness Tian Ji 3, or 729-8, the quality of Vietnamese rubber Hurricane for the worse is not recommended to buy, I played three years of being crazy, someone else on a sub-province of the professional team to play mad good! Double Happiness has always been a professional team of rubber for the ball, the market boom is now a general poor quality and in particular ( is dead), the general market of the province, only slightly better a little bit mad (kind of like the low quality of the so-called Provincial mad!), rubber properties from Hurricane provincial team so much worse! weak! do not eat the ball! not red! provincial team Hurricane as long as the hair strength is correct, since the ball very easily and very powerful, hitting the high rate at the end of Jin thick! generally inferior 729-08 absolutely crazy! Moreover, the supply of 729-08 also has provincial team edition, and almost no fakes, Hurricane Buy sad, and are now working on blue sponge Tian Ji 3) Special Recommendation 729-08,

viscose skin easy! glue on the line with the beehive dolphins! Quick-drying! Brush glue to remember one thing: the vertical straight brush evenly. In the rubber on the brush 1 times (more than a little bit of glue coating), then use the plastic film attached to the sponge on the (more thoroughly understand the glue, so that the new rubber is on the way that the rubber is called rendering) about 10 seconds or so can see the rubber arch up! Semi-dry glue, etc. 3-4 minutes, remove the film, then brush the floor on a thin glue all over, and then brush a thin glue in the rubber on one times (both brush evenly) on the open glue dry, dry after the rubber attached to the floor, the first part posted by Grip! Do not paste in front, and then move forward from behind the general strength of glass rod flattened! Press three times, and then cut off the extra rubber knife, cut along the film-type, the first cut off the sponge! Do not penetrating power in the end! And so on are all carved sponge type, leaving only a rubber adhesive, and then cut a second time, straining cut off rubber! And then OK to play
lvyuejie5512010-02-10 18:19:59 +0000 #3
different rubber, sponges, floor. The ball out of play are two entirely different, and I also love to play table tennis, the level of feeling good, had a good few of his stick. .

But do not know what you play, the Pen or the shake-hands grip. . So not a good description, in what type of racket. .

But that boom with the 927 ones, they can, you can try.



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