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I would like to stick to the point of racket is recommended Galaxy MC-2 of the straight forehand Hur

q5154567582010-02-10 18:01:59 +0000 #1
I want to stick to the point of racket is recommended Galaxy MC-2 of the straight forehand backhand Hurricane 3 do not know

I like to use the backhand and the positive Hand combination of fast break like the straight horizontal pull to-point proposal to a group of professionals,

or you a total of 200 yuan in the period thanks -----------··
Big Head Sugar2010-02-10 18:15:23 +0000 #2
Mc -2 is in hand to take the mad 3, the backhand configuration should be a balanced look at the weight. Tianyi Wang playing could be considered 729 (which is designed specifically for horizontal playing rubber) weight very light, sponge is to eat the ball., inexpensive astringent set also .. 729 focus (a good scrub with a backhand Shibuya sets. the price may be more than 70 super-budget of a little). . . cj8000 fast light stick series, a good cost-effective hot backhand configuration. drawback is that after the same glue on the saturation a little heavy. But the big problem. more than 3 is a very good backhand Mc-2 configuration (in fact, five boards are generally not pick rubber, mainly depends on weight). . . Under the Mc-2 would like to add more brush two layers of glue on the glue, because this board is not to eat the glue-coated ceramic material. Hope that the views help you.

According to a friend upstairs to say it no one would dare to use the M2-2. And the national team to do more than than? ? This is simply not comparable. . (I think even the professional competitions for amateur golfers hair strength and few as much as Amy, right? Zhang others have big sister butterfly dealers supply rackets.). . . I dare not say can be better than Galaxy's board of butterflies, but I dare say to Zhang Yining of play even if the playing MC-2 can play the same strike. . MC-2 is suitable or not mainly depends on your style of play (this board for nearly loop combination of fast break). Galaxy in a highly cost-effective hot floor. And the OC with the structure, its drawback is that board who are thin need to unsolicited attack on the meat block shot ability. . . Recommended W6 performance of LS and MC-2 in fact quite close to power again, unsolicited. The difference is that the latter himself played a nicely named Wang Wang to fight. . . M-good about it, M5, M6 all-round board. Be able to pull also can play. The disadvantage is that cross-hit 7 wood playing a bit cumbersome. Could be considered if recommended by Mahogany surface M2. (Note that the M2 look different MC-2). . . Louzhu own check. . Equipped with monoblock Main depend on personal style of play. .
Hair right2010-02-10 18:33:23 +0000 #3
backhand with Palio CJ8000, and I now use that, but also to play Pen Wang, feeling pretty good, first I was mad with the three, but the tempo a bit, as if re.
Steel Wall Sports2010-02-10 18:15:09 +0000 #4
Recommend Galaxy M6 or W6.

mc2 is not appropriate, it can be said is not suitable. Fa Li Wang Liqin bar you can not keep up.

Zhang Yining hair force, OK? Still use carbon plate. You pull the loop to have someone fast Mody?



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