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YE backhand cross-dozen sets of plastic with a bomb Veyron possible?

sunrunhua2010-02-10 19:01:03 +0000 #1
My new YE backhand cross-play with a bomb Veyron what? My backhand wide cross-beating, if not suitable recommendation about the best adhesives, I do not like Shibuya's
San Marco EX2010-02-10 19:04:47 +0000 #2
Louzhu Hello.

YE, as an emphasis on the control of five plain wooden loop clip board, in the Pen's performance can be said is quite perfect (YE originally developed to give covered pavilion used for horizontal plate), especially in the cross-marked with very well. Since the entire cross-Louzhu fight, must have been a little skill.

Originally YE hit backhand cross-matching glue, preferred more of a coat, such as butterflies SRIVER series, but the coat is almost entirely astringent nature, Lou Zhu stated Shibuya's so I will not do more to say. If the technology is pretty self-confident, then recommend that you use with 729-5, originally it is more suitable for use in forehand, backhand martial artists if yes, then this high-viscosity glue sets you can wring out of an arc rather strangely backhand loop to control the badly because of its fast. If too much, it is recommended Jasaka of ZAP SPIN, it is quite good sponge, it is able to support the ball, amateur play control is absolutely no problem.

Hope you are satisfied.
Steel Wall Sports2010-02-10 19:07:33 +0000 #3
General, UFO, or peak better
YE Feng Zi Jin2010-02-10 20:22:03 +0000 #4
backhand and release butterflies or more Nick F1 bus bar. Or learn the configuration of Wang Hao Butterfly SIRVER FX
flying off2010-02-10 19:43:03 +0000 #5
I have a friend, Pen, backplane Jasaka YE, backhand with a bomb on the Veyron, Taobao price of 60, the boss to recommend, even though a bomb is said to both sets of plastic partial astringent, but this is absolutely enough glue stick, more than 08 version of the mad three or less the same time for the old version was also almost, soft and not lose flexibility, with an appropriate weight backhand definitely be able to ride!



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