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Beginners Table Tennis how Quick Start

Nagisa Kaoruの残念2010-02-10 19:01:26 +0000 #1

weeks in-one2010-02-10 19:14:46 +0000 #2
training every day, facing the wall, so you can improve your sense for the ball, but also strike it quick. Hit against a wall can exercise your eyesight, you can also practice spike, at the beginning can be a high point play, then went as far as possible to the low-hit, so you go to the ball on the table also can be basically of the
silent cicada2010-02-10 19:30:44 +0000 #3
(1) is in hand Fat Ben Ball

(1) characteristics of the ball is acute and placement of long, momentum large, sent to the other side the right or the left-Cape location, on the other side a greater threat.

(2) points ① drop should not be too high; ② to improve the instant speed of swing ball; ③ first impact point to the side table near the end line; ④ batting points, and network with higher or slightly lower than the net.

(2) Faji backhand backspin ball and Fa Ji

(1) characteristics of the ball is fast, the arc is low, Preshoot large, forcing the ball back the other side is beneficial inroads, and often used in conjunction Faji backspin.

(2) points ① batting point should be in the body of the left front side and network with higher or lower than the net; ② attention to the wrist edge jitter hair; ③ first impact point in the side of the Taiwan area near the end line.

(3), made a short shot

(1) characteristics of swing is small, fast shot, the ball fell to the other table are not introduced after the second jump, so that power grab each other's hair pulled hard, red, or inroads.

(2) points ① drop should not be too high; ② shots, wrist strength is greater than the strength of the forearm; ③ The first placement of the ball off the tee the Taichung area, not too close to off-grid; ④ actions serve as much as possible similar to a long ball with the hair, so that the other is not easy to judge.

(4) are hand-made to switch or not to switch the ball

(1) characteristics of the ball is slower, forward momentum is small, serving mainly used a similar action to create change in rotation to fool the enemy, resulting in the return of serve each other for their own mistake or robbed create opportunities for attack.

(2) points ① drop should not be too high; ② fat transfer ball to shoot later in suppressing surface, cut the ball in the lower part; more spin to the ball, the more we should pay attention to the arm movements before the delivery; ③ hair will not be diverted the ball, hitting their heads off instantly reduce the racket angle to increase the pre-push forces.

(5) is hand made on the left upper (lower) spin the ball

(1) characteristics of the left upper (lower) spin strong, the other block the ball to him on the right upper (lower) side rebound, the general station serve the middle-left, or sideways.

(2) points: ① serve when abdomen, ball-point can not be far away from the body; ② wave from right to left as far as possible to increase the magnitude and arc, in order to enhance the strength of side spin. ③ hair on the left on the spin, the ball quick wrist adduction moment, the racket from the middle of the ball to the upper left of friction. ④ hair on the left under the rotation, the film surface later, Yang, racket ball in from the bottom to the bottom left of the friction.

(F) backhand hair on the right upper (lower) spin the ball

(1) characteristics of the right upper (lower) spin the ball and strong, the other party stopped after its left side (below) rebound. Placement of serving the ball with a long slash to the left-right near net short ball better.

(2) points ① attention abdomen and waist turn movements; ② make full use of the wrist with the forearm rotation ability fat; ③ hair on the right side of the ball spin, the racket from the moment the ball hit the middle to the upper right of friction, there is a wrist Kamimagari action; ④ hair on the right backspin ball, racket later Yang, an instant hit in the lower part of the racket from the ball to the right under the friction.

(7) squat tee

(1), characterized by squatting type tee ball belongs to get started, our athletes as early as 50 years to get started. Shake-hands grip the ball players made squatting a little easier than the Pen players, Pen players need to change grip when serving methods, will soon move the index finger back into the painting racket. Squatting can issue driving the left and right spin rotation, in each other's inappropriate circumstances, the threat of large, time critical issue of high-quality ball, are often able to score directly.

(2) points ① attention to drop and swing with the ball movement, good ball control time. ② serve to have the quality of service routines should be neat, in case not fully stand up when the hair had been squatting ③ sights on the other side the right side of the upper and lower spin, the left foot slightly before, the body slightly to the right deflection, Hui shooting line as the left rear to right front. Racket ball to the right side of the middle right side of the topspin on the friction; from the bottom to the right side of the ball in the right side under the friction of the next spin. ④ hair squatting on the left upper and lower spin, the stations a little flat, the body being the basic tables in this pool, swing line as the right rear to left front. Central to the film touched the ball right on the top left of friction for the left spin; from the middle to the left the ball under the lower part of the friction for the left spin. ⑤ hair left (right) side of the upper and lower spin, we should pay special attention to the ball quickly to do semi-circular friction movements.

(8) is in hand the high toss serve

(1) characteristics of the most significant feature is the high drop, increasing the ball fall to the film's positive pressure, sent the ball speed, great momentum, rotation changing, After turning the station flight. However, the high toss serve the complex movements, there is a certain degree of difficulty.

(2) points: ① Do not drop too far away from Taiwan and body. ② sweet spot and network with higher or lower than the net in nearly waist-right Office (15 cm) as well as increase the inward swinging ③ magnitude and arc. ④ hair on the left upper and lower spin and low-toss serve the same. ⑤ After the ball, attach one to the right in front of the recovery movement, increase each other's judgments (in combination with hair on the right spin, the ball, more powerful).
aryouking2010-02-10 19:27:01 +0000 #4
"beginner table tennis, how Quick Start" - you do not believe in quick start argument. In addition to training hard, or training hard. You are beginner, table tennis, just beginning to practice block shot.
MyWorld_12342010-02-10 19:25:49 +0000 #5
Table tennis is difficult to learn fine, find a table tennis technology can also be people who give you as Peilian quickly get started in. However, it is difficult to learn, then fine, may need professional people pointing and long-term training before they can!
wsd91 spray God2010-02-10 19:23:02 +0000 #6
a heap of trash, you dare to answer his own mother, he is not going to copy someone else's posts up, we must face not?



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