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What is a good selection of rackets

buchanglai5462010-02-10 19:02:17 +0000 #1
want to buy my husband Pang Pang racket, he said for me straight, are in hand, long pull, fast-break style of play, please help professional analysis to introduce a 100-300 yuan cost relatively high carbon content of the finished film. Thanks!
mummy bandages Brand2010-02-10 19:13:36 +0000 #2
sweat my girlfriend if so. . . Now be nice places to play are limited. . . .

I do not know him you want to buy a finished film, or his own price, then buy the finished film is poor is poor cost-effective to buy or own another refined gum or wood, then pull the ball better than carbon plate

If you do not understand the words of I was under the direct comparison that the configuration of the classic Milky Way bar


Floor 729-5

backhand forehand rubber rubber Palio cj8000

a look further down less than 200 is high, do not fool you, suggest you re-buy

Another buy a relatively cool making kits and a brand of sponge rub your husband will be very impressed
anhao20102010-02-10 19:28:53 +0000 #3
If this price is not recommended to buy finished film, finished shooting a short life span, the viscosity and elasticity of rubber over time will drop, it is uneconomical. 100-300 may consider buying Galaxy floor, such as the Big Mac on the fast-break style of play suited to your husband, but the prices are high, about 100, matched with two sets of plastic, making Rio's on the line, a total of plus up no more than 200, higher than the finished film cost a lot of
Guoliang coyotes2010-02-10 19:28:37 +0000 #4
Khan, first of all, carbon film of the finished product? You say my husband? Then you may be a woman bar.

First of all would like to say, table tennis, shooting in general are all finished to the middle and lower level of technology were used as training and early learning, so the finished film in general do not meet the above mentioned straight you are in hand, fast pull . According to the finished film can not play the level of your husband.

Recommended to buy their own sticky floor and the rubber itself, this is your husband should be, perhaps you are a layman, and finished shooting the children are generally used in the training study, usually 30-100 yuan.

And sticky a carbon racket, almost Jasaka can choose to look at the Galaxy. Rubber boom can be positive and negative 729, Galaxy, or all made on it.

About 400 or so.

Have to read the local market on the.



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