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The boom, the rubber on how to maintain

effychao2010-02-10 20:01:03 +0000 #1

huanglinqun2010-02-10 20:17:17 +0000 #2
Oh, you asked this question. . .

Racket that such maintenance:

1. Do not close to high temperatures, to avoid the heat and the rubber sponge table tennis bats easily after heat aging, viscosity and elasticity decreased, commonly known as "dead." Easily deformed after heated board, affecting the accuracy of shots.

2. To prevent irregular outside of the rubbing, touching, squeezing the correct action shot, the racket will not bump the spherical segment. When the racket when not in use, it is best placed in a dedicated film sets of years, while making kit, put a wooden or plastic plate, to minimize the impact of external forces on the racket.

3. To keep the racket surface clean rubber surface once the dirt, viscosity will be greatly reduced. Once on shore, after each ball, the rubber can be cleansed with water, paste plastic film; if there is not easy to remove the dirt with water can also be used, such as soap and other cleaning agents washed, dried, and then. Must be taken to avoid the rubber surface given rise to scratches, and finally posted the surface of paper or thin layer of nylon soft plastic sheet.

4. Avoid contact with sponges and rubber contact with gasoline when gasoline, rubber, will be deformation, metamorphism, and that this should pay particular attention to

5. Sponge is an expansion, and in the use of the process, can not be over-stretch, pressure, relatively low temperature where to play, pay attention to proper thermal insulation, low temperature will affect the flexibility of sponge. In the replacement of rubber, the use roasted hot electric iron head, so that the glue between the rubber and the sponge to fully melt, to prevent damage due to the change rubber sponge. Glue can make sponge foam, increase elasticity, but with the bottom paste, it is necessary to use a special non-toxic glue, so that can protect both the sponge, but also can protect the bottom.

Clean rubber proposed to use a special washing glue, can remain sticky. . . I am also working on Hurricane oh. .



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