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Ask about ping-pong ball skills

Xia Ye Zhige2010-02-10 20:01:37 +0000 #1
want to detail about the types and movements of all serve essentials, better to say about an opponent when the ball is how access
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One to judge the ball

judge to play table tennis ball is first and foremost a part of it is to determine the moving steps and the ball technology basis.

Judge the ball mainly to determine the ball's line, rotation and impact point.

(A) to determine the ball line, the main method

1. Ball from each other when the film surface to determine the direction of the ball line. In general, the other racket ball, the racket of a direction, that is, the other side of the batting line. For example, the other in the forehand side of the ball, racket ball, the racket is the right corner of their own, in order to slash the ball; racket being left corner of their own for the straight ball.

2. Has never been top of the ball through the net to determine the location of the ball line. For example, the other in the forehand side of the hill the ball fly from the left by network, mostly straight ball; the ball fly from the middle of the top network, mostly crosscourt.

3. Play the ball according to their spin properties, pre-judgment of the ball line. For example, the right side of his backhand strong, the next spin the ball, the other side back to the ball easy to fly their own right; his hair is a strong hand on the left, the next spin the ball, the other side back to the left of the ball easy to fly their own.

4. According to their own hit the ball impact point, pre-judgment of the ball line, for example: the weight of each other's backhand diagonal wide-angle backhand the ball, the other side is difficult to hit back straight ball, the general route back to the ball more left in their own stations or through the middle.

(2) to determine the nature of the ball spin and rotation strength of the primary means

1. According to the other shots, the actual hair swing force direction and friction to the ball position to determine the nature of the rotation of the ball. If the other party from power-down fat batting swing, mostly for the next spin; issued by the bottom-up power swing batting, mostly topspin; from the left (right), upper (lower) to the right (left), the (I) made batting swing force, mostly for the right (left) side of the next (upper) spin.

2. According to the other side when the racket hit the ball, "eat" the ball "thickness" and the friction to determine the size of the ball to the ball of the turn and not to switch. Such as when the racket touched the ball, "eat" ball "thin", friction over, then turn the ball; such as "eat" ball "thick", less friction, then the ball will not be diverted (in relative terms).

3. According to the other shots made to determine the size of the force of the ball's spin strength, rub each other's shots and range of motion swing big, swing speed, then spin the ball strong, contrary to weakness.

4. Never ball flight and the ball rebounded after the Taiwan situation to determine the nature of the rotation of the ball.

(1) fast-break ball with heavy spin loop drive compared to fast-break ball in the air during and after the rebound speed of the units changed little, but increases in transfer loop the ball in the air when the slower the Taiwan rebound faster.

(2) plus transfer loop the ball ball and fast loop compared to fast loop the ball's flight arc lower, faster.

(3) plus switch to the next spin the ball as compared with the non-diversion, plus switch to the next spin the ball in the air when the faster the rebound after the sinking platform, go forward slowly; do not turn the ball in the air when the larger than that of steamed bread, with Taiwan after the rebound in forging ahead.

(4), left and right spin, flying through the air along the swing arc, when its direction is forward-biased Shui.

(3) to determine the primary method to find the ball

1. According to the other swing shots, the size range of motion and strength to determine the severity of the length of the ball impact point. For example, fast push, plus pushing, reducing power block and so on. Differences more pronounced movements of these technologies, easy to judge.

2. Has never been the highest point of the arc the ball flight to determine the location of the ball's impact point. To the highest point of the ball flight arc in the other tables in this pool over or near the net, relatively speaking, to find the ball is generally much shorter, and vice versa longer.

3. Return of serve, the location of impact point from each other first to determine the length of the ball impact point. The first placement of each other's serve from the end line near the ball over the length of the ball, otherwise mostly short. To determine the ball's line, although rotation and placement of a variety of ways, but the main thing is that from the other side when the racket touched the ball the instant action to be judged on this basis that the judge be complemented by other methods, the ball will also be able to determine the nature of even more accurate.

2, hitting time,

batting time, referring to the other side to bounce the ball in the side table, the ball from the Taiwan-point decline by up to this period of time. During this time, can be divided into up and down the high point of the three periods. The rise and fall are can be divided into before and after the two stages. Time to play ball according to types, body height, to vary the ball performance. According to their characteristics, to find a good and fixed batting time and help to improve the shots hit rate. Is on the fast break, loop, and chopping each other to talk about the different types of batting time.

Fast-break categories: forehand attack the ball, the ball close to the table when the rising exchange that period; in Cosco Taiwan exchange that period when the decline in batting. Pull the ball (to chop) is a decline in front-end period. Assault (including the twist in the assault) is the high point of view. The opportunity to smash the ball right on the spin the opportunity to smash the ball on the rise period; opportunities for the next spin the ball, especially in the last tennis or smash the ball in Taiwan is declining phase; pairs of semi-lob smash the high point of view. This is the general situation, of course, there are exceptional circumstances change. Grading, depending on the style and size, there are roughly the speed changes of the main stations close up shot fast push phase; strength, speed, shot strength through push high period. Backhand the ball, according to a different style, there are basically attacking the high point and the period of rise and fall between the period of two kinds.

Arc circle categories: Raja turn forehand loop drive, force is on the decline phase of the preceding paragraph, after close; fast loop the ball, usually at the high period or increase in the later period (and sometimes also on the decline phase ). Backhand loop drive, usually at the descending phase.

Chopping categories: whether by force or the angle to the main switch or not turn-based, are generally on the decline phase to the chop. However, forcing more than the decline angle of the front-end period, transfer and non-switch more in the later period of decline. Talking about batting in front of the time, should be the basic fixed. However, some top athletes with the time when the slow-fast rhythm of the other are frequently disrupted.

To deal with this fast, slow the ball a different, generally speaking, people quickly I fast, I slow were slow, for example, fast-break on the fast break, chopping right quick pull and surprise, because the other side back to the rhythm of the ball faster, we must fight back is relatively faster shot; fast break on the ball or loop transfer increases chopping and chopping the ball on the loop transfer increases when the tempo slowed down due to the other side back to the ball, shooting must fight back relatively slowly.

More time to be talking about is giving back to the ball with each other to determine the speed of the rhythm, but in our batting or a request for a fixed time. For example, switch to the other LAC loop the ball, regardless of the other party, or after the pull-down period of the preceding paragraph, return to the rhythm of the ball fast and slow, our side must fight back the ball up in the period of the election. Again, fast pulling angle and force to deal with transfer and non-transfer of the cut, the former back to the ball fast, the latter back to the ball slowly, but all require our pull the ball down the preceding period; assault and both are hitting a high point of period. Therefore, the shot time and shot time should be strictly distinguished from. Only truly understand the timing and pace of change hitting a fixed difference between the rhythm will not change because the other side of the ball and disrupt our time, so as to maintain a reasonable fight back.

At present, the sport constantly moving in a positive and proactive direction, the ball speed and spin greatly enhanced the seventies and the sixties compared to loop the ball. Accelerated the time of its shots (plus switch to loop the ball from the pull-down period to the pull-down period of the preceding paragraph, fast loop the ball pull the ball from the high point of view to pull the ball up period). Chopping period of decline in the past been rubbing, but now a lot of players to a high point of view and even rub up period.

These examples reflect the current mainstream of the development of table tennis and direction. However, the fast and slow is a dialectical unity. "Determined" fight for a time due to restraint and slow, with the slow pace of rotation also enable the other party is not up soon. So, hitting the transformation of time and rhythm, not only in training on the work, in the tactics are not going ignored.

3, the ball hitting position

a reasonable position, improving the accuracy and ball movement coordination helpful. Location does not hit, not only will movement distortion, but also easy to hit mistakes.

A reasonable batting position, generally refers to "body before the shot." Especially the offensive player, batting in front of particular importance. Front hitting specific, is to click on the front of shots, and on the front of to find the distance strike and the film (shot distance). Different styles and types of play, ball distance is different. Mainly as in the fast-changing people, hit back in general to the ball, shoot the ball with the shorter distances, due to proximity to the ball and shoot, will not only help speed up the ball time, and actions easier to fixed in order to strength, the person the ball and shoot a longer distance will help increase the hitting power. Therefore, various types of play, they are often doing everything possible to find a good distance, with particular emphasis on the front to find a good distance, this point is very important.

First, find a good ball from the ball impact point your attention to the proximity of selected shots from the location of the body. For example, the stations from the station closer to the other party made a long-ball (acute balls), the retreat venue and must be timely in order to find a good hitting position, stations farther away from the station, the other party made a short ball, it is timely to before the last step, otherwise they will be physically too far away from the sweet spot rather than pick the ball.

The second is a sudden acceleration or deceleration in the other cases the ball back to hit selected location. This is often prone to problems. Such as chopping encountered each other on a surprise or pull fast loop the ball, fast break the other side during the sudden cut a board, such as the ball is very prone to jump from the stage after the film cited (pull flac) phenomenon. As cited shoot slowly, shooting the ball the distance and could not pull open, often form a "roof ball" so that incoordination. It looks as if the error is due to movement caused by errors, in essence, is the distance from the ball and shoot the issue. Citation done quickly as long as the film, to distance problems will be solved.

3, after the body was too late to choose how to move when the sweet spot. If both sides attack the person, the backhand attack hair strength, the stations are usually right foot slightly before the left foot in the post, after the force issued by the left foot to right foot on the center of gravity. At this point if the other party in order to upset the block shot does not slow the ball (especially on the anti-posted with a certain spin to the ball) hit back at Road or are in hand, there may occur due to center of gravity forward, right foot too late to back situation. In this case, should be on the front to find a good batting points, with the waist Slight right to a little distance, rapidly playing a board quick draw or a board to make the transition smooth. Forehand attack power the ball fat, the stations with the above the contrary, if the other side the ball hit back at a faster pace to the backhand, as the focus of the relationship will be less left foot back. At this time should also be looking for a good shot on the front points to the backhand volley, or block shot to make the transition before welcoming. In these special conditions, must be flexible to choose a good batting points, fought back to ensure the coherence and accuracy.

4, hitting the power regulation and the use of

table tennis technology, regulation and the use of batting strength is important. To ensure the accuracy of its shots and tactics of the changes are of much help. Under normal circumstances, should pay attention to middle-power shot, because it is the basis for the use of force. Training, strength conditioning divided into the following categories: both sides of the offensive, attacking middle-left to push the right forces, afterburner (including assault and shoot to kill), leveraging, and leveraging the hair strength, reduce power, loop the ball in the true and false loop; chopping and chopping in the afterburner (cutting, and cooking plus turn the ball), implicitly or to leave force (cutting, and cooking does not turn the ball), etc.. In the use of force tactics, the basic is divided into five kinds.

(A) person I have re-such as the exchange that the ball of light (including the loop the ball) to block shot or backhand, pull loop or sideways pressure attack each other, forcing the other back or light block fight back. Another example of adding turn, fast loop the ball, attack the ball to deal with cut, so that the other is passive and can not engage in spin change, and strive to take the initiative.

(B) who re-I light both sides of the ball right push pull loop attack, was suppressed backhand block shot, a half step back to take the initiative to medium and light forces, such as loop drive "link" to live the other oblique, straight line, opportunistic counter-attack; each other's hair sideways force when the hard-hit backhand, using lightweight block shot become a straight line. Push attack on both sides of the ball afterburner corkscrew loop, using lightweight block shot oblique, linear methods such as passive to active.

(3) Human I light arc light, fast break between them confront each other using the "short swing." Control. Chopping the ball exchange that encounter each other's light pull, the use of light does not turn the ball hit back to send; right to push each other "Hurry up," backspin ball.

(D) were re-I re-issued one sideways force, the other afterburner block shot, or fight back is in hand to fight back. Then surprise increases when the chopping switch. Afterburner pull loop on the ball. . . . . .

(E) the severity of the ball on the Chopping loop combination of the genuineness of the use of the ball loop. The severity of the strength of the slice fast break pull the ball, pull the surprise, surprise turn after the pull. Block shot the ball on the loop and reducing the use of afterburner power. Loop the ball on the block shot or to loop the ball "link" in the hair strength, hair force after the turn "hanging." Chopping switch or not switch to repeated changes. The above five kinds of situations are reflected in the strength of regulation in the tactical use. The use of light and heavy forces should be careful not to due to "heavy" Erzhi hair all one's strength, but also not to "light care" and can not control the ball that leads to unnecessary errors. Is between five interrelated. Not only in a, one single game, and even in a sub-competition process, the strength of the alternating light and heavy use is also common, and therefore should arouse our attention.

5, when the bat hit the ball the regulation of the rotation

table tennis performance are basically topspin, backspin, side spin (side on the next spin), and so on do not switch. Rotation performance changes, depending on the location and racket ball rub the direction of force. Is necessary to study the direction of ball position and force coordination and cooperation in order to improve the accuracy of shots. But how to deal with the performance of the different spin to ball? This would be in line with the ball on the different nature of the different approaches to resolve.

Due to the rotation of the ball performance, pop-up height, distance from the net, and decided to take the fight back approach is different racket ball's location and direction of force is often change their jobs. Mentioned here racket ball position changes, which means when the bat hit the ball the regulation. For example, the block shot the ball most of the bat is to use regulation to fight back if pushed to the next spin of the ball or push the other rubbing over the ball, bat should be slightly Yang, so that in the lower part of the racket ball to the front of the force. Pusher and switch to loop the ball, bat should be forward, so that the upper part of the racket ball forward under the force and so on.

Pen is in hand to attack the ball bat There are basically two kinds:

First, fixed-bat fight back, beat the table-shaped with an angle of about 75 degrees at 45. This bat angle, often in the ball of the upper part of the ball as long as the size of the spin strength to move forward or you can hit the bottom of force, action, relatively simple to deal with attacks on the ball, loop the ball and not turn the ball better, to deal with increases chopping and near-net switch to turn the ball in the upper part of the same ball forward at the top of the friction force (commonly known as a small pull on the spin the ball). This way back to the ball more robust, commonly used to deal with loop-type hair over the next spin or near net short ball, with the fast break pull approach to loop-breaking ball.

2 in the regulation of bat hit the ball. Bat with a different rotation angle to be adjusted before the ball hit the ball. Such as the exchange that right loop the ball, bat angles required ibid., turn on the CanadianCut, bat angle of about 90 a 100 degrees, ball in the middle or slightly lower, forward Rub the top of the hit. Net transfer of nearly ball, bat angle of about 100-110 degrees, the ball's in the lower part, shooting, when a quick "soliciting turn" hit the action (known as a small surprise). This method is quick counterattack, strength is also large, threatening force. But the judge called for rotation ability, quick reactions, good flexibility of the wrist. Unknown rotation of the ball, pulling a small plate on the spin is also necessary. Forehand loop is basically a fixed bat the ball slightly forward in order to adjust the friction dominated arc. Such as the Canadian transfer cut, ball's in the upper part, multi-hit move the top of the rub; right does not turn the ball, using fast loop the ball ball's in the upper part of the rub blow to the front.

Chop and chop, the general is to adjust ball location and force direction fight back. Such as dealing with non-turn the ball over rub hands higher, bat angle of 90 degrees about the central ball forward under the force; to deal with increases in turn the ball over rub the ball in the lower part or lower, forward or forward the top of the force. To deal with increases chopping switch to loop the ball, use of anti-paste rubber, and make the bat more forward, ball's in the upper part of the front down force; the use of long rubber, the bat should be slightly Yang, ball's in the lower part of , to cut out the front.

In addition, there is a regulation ball method is to increase the friction with the fixed-bat to adjust back to the ball. For example, some in order to slice a living person, regardless of experience will not be diverted or additions to turn the ball, side spin, or spin the ball generally (including the quick pull-and less-turn loop drive), are slower shot, etc. the ball drops, with increasing slice of the rotation (cutting the ball to increase the power) to offset the rotation of the ball changes to improve the ability to control the ball.

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