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Separate ways to play table tennis players, attacking the ball and pull the ball stations problem, t

hzhxw_212262010-02-10 20:01:44 +0000 #1
My right hand holding the bat, every cricket is basically not pull that attack, but the results and feel is not ideal, was found to attack the ball pull stations when there is the problem that left his right foot off than before, a bit like a sideways, and locked in a stalemate up feeling passive, may I ask is not a big problem, is not to keep both feet parallel on the list?
dyy10122010-02-10 20:14:20 +0000 #2
taken from me written by someone else on the network experiences, the following written quite detailed, so I say no, what the key to look at the realities of how into practice. I am also a table tennis enthusiasts. hope with each other learning.

As a table tennis in the most basic content, stations easily be overlooked, and most people believe that you can stand in front of the stage to play the ball, but in fact it is not appropriate idea. Stations, and sometimes determines a practitioner, is backhand conversion speed and the degree of convergence, and in turn affect your offensive capability.

Generally speaking, a different style of play, their stations in different ways. Play according to the classification of the following description:

1: fast-break type play.

Pen left to push the right to attack France, Pen both sides of the offensive, and shake-hands grip fast break style of play stations, generally before the left foot slightly on the right foot, left foot basically at the location of the extension line of spherical segment on the left of the line. Body and the spherical segment end line a distance of about 40-50 centimeters.

2: loop-type play.

Loop play of the stations is the left front and right foot in the post, left foot basically located in the left lane to extend the line outside the spherical segment of about 20 cm. Of the left corner of the body for the other table, and tables in this pool left corner of the distance of about 60 centimeters.

Shake-hands grip pull-play both sides of the stations, left front and the outside edges of the range may be slightly smaller.

Defensive type (including cutting, tapping with play) and stations are basically two legs parallel to the left of the left foot location in a line of spherical segment extension line. Body and the spherical segment end line a distance of about 1 meter or so.

3: Note the problem.

Left foot slightly before the right foot later (right-hand grip), the key point is that the right shoulder slightly sinking, the left shoulder is slightly higher than the right shoulder and right leg is always virtual (and center of gravity in his left leg), which is always forehand attack to keep the stations. Especially the backhand right away, rub, when we have to maintain this status. The aim is to always maintain the awareness of the ball is in hand to attack, stressing forehand sideways, this is the trend of modern tennis technology development.

Pen weakness is also a backhand, while maintaining the basis of being conscious, we must always guard against coming to backhand the ball.
Gray smoke2010-02-10 20:23:11 +0000 #3
Basic stations is the backhand side sideways position, feet slightly better than the right foot before the left point that such stations are working on the mainstream stations attacking play, but in this step was cross-skilled further use of, or someone you are issued a long ball in hand you will be able to receive potential to make good sound single technology, in fact, not difficult footwork ----



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