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Playing table tennis, Grip Pen and the shake-hands grip the hand grip problems, how do you think?

Hzhxw_212262010-02-10 20:01:51 +0000 #1
Grip Pen feeling feel better, because there are top of the middle finger and ring finger back at the film, one can easily feel the pressure and friction ball size 2 ball instantaneously easy adjustment; shake shake-hands grip when there is no sense of the benefits of these two points , shots, do not feel like hitting situations, was not easy to fine-tune the film surface, do you share? How to make sense of a good shake-hands grip grip point? Thank you!!
non-mainstream ills2010-02-10 20:10:13 +0000 #2
straight into the units more suitable for the fast break, while the horizontal version is the comparative advantage of COSCO Taiwan, personally think so, I use cross-version, technology class, lethal forehand well, fat hands practiced well, feel that is all depends on what you like, and I personally feel that rotate with the horizontal version is very good, my hair is hand-ball switch, you can easily send topspin, Under the rotation, and the bar will not be so good, relatively speaking, in order to serve as Ma Lin reaches as technology is also very good, I feel in the race to deal with those balls into the station more intractable with the horizontal version. straight The backhand should be relatively weaker, after all, unlike the horizontal version of the wrist rotation as flexible, but Wang Hao is a special case, he is extremely talented. take a look at one-off master, it seems that apart from China and Korea are basically used are horizontal, horizontal version of the ball in the loop occupies a big advantage, which is why the ball to create a loop when out of Europe the Japanese so sharply, horizontal version. Wang Liqin forehand loop drive is a very typical, be called lethal forehand in the world. I wish Louzhu happy!
imagine2202010-02-10 20:42:30 +0000 #3
It depends on your habits, national-level athletes who have different grip. I used to use shake-hands grip. I feel like smoking when so cool . And while I hit my anti-pick Yehao. There will feel very awkward.
zjcnzcl2010-02-10 20:36:06 +0000 #4
Some played straight, but I beat the more skilled of the cross will naturally feel good
great wall of steel Sports2010-02-10 20:45:50 +0000 #5
horizontal plate is relatively fixed, so it can easy to find the feeling of forehand loop, especially for the novice more flexible in terms of

straight-conditioning, if not a long practice, then, is not easy to find the best launch angle.
kaixinxiaosa2010-02-10 20:33:30 +0000 #6
feel the requirements of the fingers straight higher I personally use the shake-hands grip, straight right to interpret the rotation better!



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