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Butterfly 5 Series and 6 Series performance, how much worse? The best people used to talk about

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zeuxis02010-02-10 20:05:08 +0000 #2
For the finished film, used to have a say in who should be the most butterfly

If it is, if individuals are finished film is not recommended to buy back you'll regret it, I Although there is no used five stars, six stars, but 4 stars I was used, compared to 5,6 in terms of stars should be summoned up the courage, you can learn from what

I use the butterfly four stars, it is domestic OEM only, compared to Japan in terms of a butterfly is simply worlds apart. Buy the original Butterfly 4 stars, is to replace my old one DHS 4 star finished shooting. So, do point to buy back more. I technology in general, but the fundamentals still can. Although I will not be many technical, with regard to a novice point of view to talk about the bar (The following is a feeling I use)

Butterfly 4 stars, it seems that beat working well, sending their film sets, a happy go again began to get her hand The result is not a play a dozen right. First, this racket is very light, holding it in the hands of little weight, compared to the old Double Happiness, this piece of light a lot. Second, use this beat is so not on the force, a force on the net. But in your own rubber elasticity bad, almost no more lethal, it is estimated pull-loop might be a good point (relatively light). If you simply hit, block shot, this piece is not suitable for beat. But I changed the old Double Happiness, the success rate is greatly increased (of course, with my style of play may be related to block shot I hit, fast attack-based). Later, it is not help, and still exchange the old Double Happiness, once back feeling, feeling very good shot shells, a sense of the word fierce

Butterfly beat lighter, may be suitable for pull loop, but I had not tried to After all, not finished shooting much better, if only beginners have fun, buy a piece of Double Happiness 4 star finished film is sufficient, but also do not have their own group, the key is to be familiar with the racket, with a smoothly can be a

If you have have any questions, you can go to my room to see some pictures of the article on the election for beginners

last wish Louzhu can pick your own beat in time, skills improvement. My opinion is for reference only, this is only my personal opinion.
mumian8822010-02-10 20:20:12 +0000 #3
My levels are normal, with all butterflies shake-hands grip, feeling quite comfortable, though imitation of



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