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Table tennis players to help me to choose the Deputy Film

qq3306542472010-02-10 20:02:22 +0000 #1
I was elected Vice-film students to help me, I was lying racket, while the left player, is a very strong backhand power ball, especially the backhand. Can also be a stalemate, but the chop in general. In addition to give a racket prices. If the election to be how to attack this piece of film. Help to answer what Note: I am a left-handed players
Dr strong and2010-02-10 20:09:51 +0000 #2
what kinds of films I do not know, but I know a bit about the difference between left and right hand

left side is the human magnetic field belongs to the field of acceptance and absorption of

right side is the person's electrical field is wide open and release the areas belonging to

We all live in the same resonant electromagnetic field inside a ball sometimes, two people shun shun. Very difficult to hit the ball very awkward two people are uncomfortable, as Jesus said, "I can feel the same and you can feel the real you and I have not the slightest difference in the realm of so if there is exists only in your mind"

Since it is not necessary to hit the ball on the left hand to push hard to the ball light is used to cope with the ball Jin Qiao is with its own fierce strength of the right-brain exercise to resolve the left-handed person's emotional intelligence to connect without the need to refine techniques and tactics to fight courageously placed in the first Bit Wei Ren should be confident that their ability to learn that they have to understand what other people's fancy moves hard copy if you can not take the hint must not blindly worship
Dream blurred2010-02-10 20:14:01 +0000 #3
rubber boom, the combination of a good fast break loop price of around

80, but still have to to see their ability to re-elect beat



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