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Galaxy mc-2 + Hurricane 3 + g666 sets of rubber price

javaonly2010-02-10 21:01:22 +0000 #1
I'm practicing straight horizontal beating, like Group 1 Galaxy mc-2 + Hurricane 3 + g666 sets of rubber racket, do not know what the price level (physical shop), Please receive adequate guidance.

If you have a better proposal also would welcome suggestions
Big Head Sugar2010-02-10 21:17:13 +0000 #2
tell the truth you have it configured to play Cross playing a little bit heavier. Hurricane is a well-known heavy-duty rubber, coupled with the sea transport after eat the glue so that the weight of ... general group shot with only one side mad 3, the backhand to take a balanced set of Shibuya. G666 use the same Win 20 sponges. a new set of lightweight plastic and the Hurricane put together, not much. and is sticky sets. Cross-play will lag the ball (that is, out of the ball fast enough) ... recommended to use the backhand cj8000 or 729 of the focus of such astringent gum, on the one hand you can lose weight. On the other hand Shibuya sets better suited than the sticky set of cross-playing (need to know to play most afraid of cross-board weight, Even if the strength of the 32 board also re-Haoshua numb the. stability and continuity of the greatly reduced) ... also recommended if the proposed hard-surface Galaxy Peach M2 + being 39 degrees Tian Ji 3 + 729 Tianyi backhand. up and down more than 200 package configuration The original and better use (Mc-2 block shot weak) ... physical shop price: Mc-2 and the Mc with the price (85-120 or so) ... mad 3 (70-100) ... Tian Ji 3 (80-120) ... G666 (80-110) ... focus (75-90) ... 729 Tianyi (35-55) ... the price can only say that one is probably, around the shops offer a different entity. explain your problem very Xiangxi. want to help you refer to.
Light Ming no Kaze2010-02-10 21:28:40 +0000 #3
Hurricane 3 + g666 configuration a bit too heavy, it is recommended Louzhu Galaxy mc-2 + Hurricane 3 + Palio CJ8000GP sponge rubber cover, this configuration also in the physical store of about 200 yuan.

PS: GP sponge hardness of 40 ° or more is recommended
hair right2010-02-10 21:44:57 +0000 #4
Coincidentally, I also play Pen Wang. My current configuration is mad Biao three forehand, the backhand Palio CJ8000, feels very good. At first I used a double-edged mad 3, may be that too, and bad. However, G666 I have not used, may far as I know, or can, be better to use CJ8000. I do not know the specific price, I was online buying, CJ8000 to 41, and the crazy 3 63. Backplane I use Galaxy U8, also, are you that I used, but that did not learn when it comes to fighting cross-Pen did not know how to use them.
qwert23232010-02-10 22:45:47 +0000 #5
Galaxy mc-2 is unclear, Pu Biao cheap 78, and some more expensive 90-over 90 on the Do not buy, too loss. G666 cheap 60, more than 80 on the do not buy them.



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