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Wang Liqin How to serve?

Size small Jiaoya2010-02-10 21:01:50 +0000 #1
I feel he made the side of backspin, but the school will not be for a long time, but also look enlighten!
kuangbiao_2010-02-10 21:16:51 +0000 #2
Wang Liqin's serve is a serve more traditional way, followed the Pen serve some of the features, first of all to stand sideways backhand bit, left front, right foot in the post, the ball 20-30 cm vertical throw up, turn waist cited shoot, cited shoot mainly in the not too deliberately to the main belt hands, as quoted in film should not be too large to be under the ball behind the moment to use the power switch back and bring the ball hand to the side of Under the area of friction, if it is issued under the left side spin, then every ball with the racket head to the friction of the hair to the side and down the main force, if it is top spin, then every ball with the racket head and the friction in the friction ball In addition to the side when Fa Li also need a hook up actions to make the ball spin, if you want long hair on the impact of the ball spin, then shoot the middle with the main impact, friction, supplemented by friction ball.



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