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Table tennis serve to improve the strength of

progress102010-02-10 22:01:22 +0000 #1
I am an avid tennis fan, today asked question is, how to make hair on the driving force, my opponent is the kind of leveraging of the given angle, I would like to serve on the first doing something. Please master are pointing.

By the way, my opponent body Gaobu Gao, the foot is not fast, but he's chopping changes, and this is his most prominent feature will not be pulling loop the ball, Yuan-tai, the ball is not good. I what kind of tactics should be used. Chopping, and his bad, not too many, but I was a fierce attack on the person, failure is the biggest problem. How to find a chance to beat him? Be able to put your unique skills are also brought under use. Thanks! ! !
Takasato mountain2010-02-10 22:07:17 +0000 #2
I see what you mean is to beat his opponent, according to the information you opponent, providing the following tactics for reference purposes only

1, because he "is not high, at the foot of unpleasant" feature, you can be either side of a long, one short. To mobilize his body running in order to look for opportunities.

2, try not to rub him, and if you have to rub, then rub the ball to his backhand bit long, he is rubbing the ball in hand bit shorter. In addition you need to look for opportunities, once the ball fall into the hand you are bit, pull the ball storm.

3, hair does not turn the ball. A twist will not turn the ball high, you should carry the ball carry out.

I wish you progress and win no doubt!
cool_by_own2010-02-10 22:22:25 +0000 #3
fat that he is a long ball in hand, usually you have the opportunity to attack
fat right2010-02-10 23:11:12 +0000 #4
you want to control the ball a good shot of your type are transferred in order issued by the thinner is necessary to friction, but also the use of wrist strength, control the ball's impact point, do not ever issued to a ball end. There is no way a little bit threatening, change is kingly. For your opponent, you can give a long ball, he can not draw loop, only to give you rub, but he is not longer than a long distance, you should give far more units to see if he stops far, and suddenly to a short-lived, and so on, are you more mistakes, it is necessary in peacetime to practice more, and, playing the kind of opportunity when the ball should be spotted, Do not worry, do not see the chance of die, hardworking, like to put people at once killed, and optimistic about playing, playing the good impact point, you will be able to win him.
armstrongw2010-02-10 23:23:02 +0000 #5
For amateur players, table tennis, serve not much fancy the experience, only one thing: to take over multi-ball practice!

To a certain standard of table tennis, only "switch does not turn the change" and not put the ball topspin. This is because only the station's switch is the master switch is not the best way.

You have a good look from the Internet serve Wang Liqin is the station's "U-turn and not turn"; "turn" inside the "multi-turn."

I suggest you refer to: Wang Nan, Wang Liqin, or serve, from Youku can be found, then the ball with more practice, do not think too much mystery. Each exercise 30 minutes 3 times per week, 3 months later, you will naturally adjust to the views of the tee. Competition, after serving what is naturally play out.

I wish you enjoy the ping-pong!
Summer Tree Kaka2010-02-10 22:38:52 +0000 #6
I am also a passion for table tennis fans, I think your opponent will chop, do not give him lay a spin, if your opponent will be chop, I then do not try to pull him loop, if not, you can, but you pull the loop faster, so that he no chopping speed you pull the loop speed of the ball quickly, he would Under the net, serve the case of other issue as far as fat transfer point, and then, and he plays the ball a long distance, pull loop would be a good point. This is my point of advice, line of the try, fail, they are looking for ways.
The occurrence of large2010-02-10 23:03:09 +0000 #7
you are driving is a gesture to use shake-hands grip hold, and then about 40cm away from your feet before and after the separation of Taiwan points, and then issued at the end of the ball, remember to first take the high strike, do not be too high and do not hit the network directly from the Internet the most difficult to pick the ball grazed the kind. You have to try it, I am sure you will be able to learn well, and and defeat your opponent! Remember to practice more in order to gradually raise their level.



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