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Xiaoxiao Sheng2010-02-10 22:02:26 +0000 #1
forehand to attack the ball a good hit rate is low, hit the ball when looking at playing ball or going to the other tables in this pool, on the stroke of timing, the rise period of play as fast as a clear look at how, please master Zhijiao
Ash Valley2010-02-10 22:05:25 +0000 #2
playing time of course, both to see, first watching to determine the location, and then watching station, select the location you want to hit the ball fly over

is usually the time until When the ball just bounce if you dropped is watching, and then do not watch a soccer match, and after the play relies entirely on the sense of
, of course, has just started to play table tennis when the appropriate multi-ballpark

just started playing, of course always see clearly faster ball, practice for a long time, even if only the corner of the eye is also able to accurately determine the location of the ball. I am in high school, often at night under street lamps and others in the play, the ball simply do not know, basically rely on feeling, still can often catch someone else's kill the ball. playing is skilled in such feelings.

racket angle is relatively complex, not only to consider the spin of the ball, the ball's point of view, even the speed of the ball need to be considered, but most of the ball can be used racket to pick many different angles, such as a relatively good position of the ball, you can play spin the ball (four terms), to kill the ball (positive and negative point of view), direct gently playing in the past, lob (very high and that kinds of)

to start learning table tennis, let someone else play slowly to play

play skillfully, they will naturally be able to control the well, and mastery can later adjust the angle in an instant into a good racket
81831782010-02-10 22:47:41 +0000 #3
more thought they can handle and judge curl the ball is on the spin or the other to learn to judge



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