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Japanese table tennis first master Who are you?

yogeli12010-02-10 23:01:33 +0000 #1
Is a blessing of the original love?
San Marco EX2010-02-10 23:06:51 +0000 #2
Louzhu Hello.

I can not stress more the former, because the 20th century, 50 years Japan has hit the big time, out of a lot of famous, then we really can not beat them. Here to talk about the present.

Now Japanese Table Tennis can be said is recovering from a downturn, not to mention a few years ago have emerged out of the water valley falcon, Kishikawa-sheng, Ai Fukuhara, Sayaka Hirano, Haruna Fukuoka last two years, the Japanese star came out of non - less well-known ones like Kenji Matsudaira, Kenta Matsudaira, Ishikawa pure and so good, there has been little famous handsome Oya, Takashi Niwa Greek, etc., these people in the future in 2035 is expected to have caused my teenager who is not a small impact on .

In the Japanese male line, the Chinese nationality is not the strongest player, and like to switch nationality in the past, the representatives of Japan's participation in the Olympic Games last year, the former national champion Han Yang, held once each year, full-cup (equivalent to China's table tennis national championship ) is straight to the Oya handsome, Yoshida Hai-wei this traditional Japanese-style RACKET fast break of the arc in the face of cross plate sides, and have grown up in Japan, when young athletes have little advantage. Japan is now a Columbia course ought to Water Valley, Falcon, he had reelected three times a day cup, although not ideal to play the World Series success, but in Japan, he was considered the top.

F-line is not Ai Fukuhara, while she had a high popularity, but the game is not the highest. In Japan, where a sister course ought to Pingtan Sayaka Hirano, as of last year, who have completed full-cup 5 with gangsters, called the Cup in Japan have become "Hirano Cup."

Hope you are satisfied.
Inspirenome2010-02-10 23:49:00 +0000 #3
Women of course, porcelain dolls - Men's Well - the former name of Matsushita Koji Man You -
ducaitianshi2010-02-10 23:13:43 +0000 #4
Japan Nan Ping Han Yang: Dongdu Fuso find love had become the Dongying first master

Fast full 3-year-old Han Yang looks breakout childish. A tall man, staring at a pair of big round eyes, a look of indifference to speak, in the presence of the person not familiar with, but also feeling a bit shy. In 2006 the whole race of people in Japanese society, on behalf of the Han Yang Tokyo Art team just took the doubles championship from the site onto the stands, a Japanese reporter asked for an interview, he stopped, he would grab the front foot before entering a stadium for me, "hey , help me to translate the look! "Afterwards, I said, you can at myself and they said Well, Han Yang, or that signs of demeanor, so what's to be said?

Han Yang was born in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, 4-year-old began to learn to play table tennis with his father. Electrical work in the northeast of the Han Yang Han Tong father, and fond of table tennis, and have considerable skills. In this way, a teacher of several generations of both scholarly family of Mr. Han, a ping-pong of a very talented team and later elected to the Liaoning Province of China table tennis team's outstanding player. Han Yang anti-adhesive loop right RACKET offensive play, tall, hands feel great, the backhand is sometimes able to push to join the anti-Pen Wang to fight technology, access to over 1994 national junior singles champion, won in 1998 Cup Table Tennis Association singles title. Such a young talent of the players, is entirely possible, as the focus of the training and the Chinese national team to represent China to participate in more major international events, and become world champion.

2000 coincides with the Sydney Olympic year, just 21-year-old Han Yang is east to Japan, the Tokyo Art company join the team. Just left the Chinese national team, just from the rigorous training the competitive environment, has just arrived in Tokyo, Han Yang, quite a bit of free gay momentum relaxation: Japan's domestic competition level is not high, a small, northeast guy has a lot of time also has a very good mood, drinking beer, playing days go by very easily. At that time, Tokyo Art team's practice did not show such regular, Han Yang said his years, able to maintain a certain competitive level, largely because of China's Super League has been involved in the reason. In the Han Yang's character, indeed some are adaptable, not to make progress part.

However, the 2008 venue of the driving range in Japan, the ongoing adjustment of training Han Yang before the game, but it began to make life difficult for himself or herself, and probably think that was trained in non-smoothly, his face has actually angry. His waist pain when the good times and bad, wrapped around the waist, black became the Han Yang symbol of clemency Belt objects.

End of 2006 Han Yang joined the Japanese nationality, was in Japan in one fell swoop primaries first and smoothly become Japan's national team members, it seems that not only the change of nationality, even a change of people. Arena of the Han Yang, facial features are beginning to look grim, venue under the Han Yang, alcohol and smoking cessation and weight loss, but also from time to time reveal the wish to have a more complete training environment. Clearly, China's national team has gone through years of rigorous hard, in his mind has been transformed into an ideal way of life.

By 2008, on behalf of Japan, have frequently participated in international competitions Han Yang, won the Brazil Open, Chile Open singles champion, the Asian Championships in the men's team runner-up and other good results, while a steady increase in the world ranking Han Yang to become Japan's top men's players in the front of the players, and ultimately so doing directly qualified for the Beijing Olympics. World Table Tennis Championships in Guangzhou, as a group the main long-hoped-for the Japanese men's team won the World Table Tennis Championships men's team bronze medal eight years. World Table Tennis Championships in Guangzhou Han Yang's personal record of 7 wins 0 losses, is Japan's only unbeaten team record players, including South Korea Zhushi He defeated Germany Aoqialuofu other players.

Is what prompted this man had such a huge north-east change it? Originally I was hesitant to add chaos says, afraid he might pull no less than big man's face. Fortunately, one day, Han Yang himself said: "to a large extent." So I can actually down a fairly arbitrary manner according to chronicles.

Han Yang said this was after the Tokyo World Championships in Guangzhou, a weekend evening, witnesses "to a large extent affected and changed the Han Yang," the wife of Chen Yuan, an old friend of big Xun (Sun Xun) , senior Zhou Jiang and others, is estimated to have enough so that he can not be retracted in the. That day I had an interview with Chen Yuan Han Yang about the day, she replied: "Well, come to eat bar!" This happy, "Can we eat your hands to do dishes?" And then hopefully flew away. These two small home, pick up a very clean, the living room is also decorated with cute cartoon dolls better. Very clean feeling a bit other-worldly air, indeed, have not yet been notified to sit down: "a little later we went outside to eat!"
Lone Su cited the sword2010-02-11 00:46:05 +0000 #5
woman remarks that she had
Steel Wall Sports2010-02-11 00:09:03 +0000 #6
man is the Han Yang, woman is phuc duyen love.



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