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True and false bottom primorac Butterfly

mildnada2010-02-10 23:01:39 +0000 #1
Butterfly Primorac had just bought a carbon substrate (Japan parallel), feeling quite sophisticated appearance, the film marks the first with a butterfly plate, there is imbedded in the JTTAA letters, but is the grip of the ladder where there is a sense of feeling, (from the film before and after the first look at laminated wood grip handle than the board a little smaller), acute and ask the authenticity of the bottom of this ping-pong
Return of the Milky Way2010-02-10 23:08:38 +0000 #2
Brother and I are basically the same, A few days ago I purchased a butterfly net carbon, 545 yuan, receipt found in a flawed, what has not changed, immediately contact businesses change, the process of being transposed, I would like to look and feel, etc., etc. If, after receiving no problem, and then scratch marks security to make free telephone inquiries ah, if the security flag are not guaranteed true and false, then there is nothing, and He He. I suggest that Louzhu where they should not move, quickly contact the seller requests for replacement, after all, things are not little money, hobbies Well, we must perfect, or else heart Pan Du
PeterVane2010-02-10 23:47:27 +0000 #3
recommended you go with the business and discuss the ability to find another , the proposed deal as soon as possible, lest their own disadvantage (business credit is high, who knows, ah, the saying goes: three into a tiger; have to personally go to confirm your own)

ps: DHS previously bought a mahogany floor there is a working when the notch on the join efforts manufacturers changed.



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