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Tennis backplane (Butterfly - Chen (horizontal) 30231) The supporting gum problems!

lfooo_2010-02-10 23:01:59 +0000 #1
The film is in hand to place Hurricane 2, the backhand UFO (bomb), are in hand to play the ball up and pull (small drawing) total the net, big pull feel better, the ball hit back quickly, without staying feeling a bit uncomfortable, the backhand Fortunately, what is the is not a set of gum problems? If the backhand for raw rubber, any suggestions? Thank you -
daimaocs2010-02-10 23:06:20 +0000 #2
should be only for rubber is not a long time, right? If this is the case, this phenomenon need not care, because the new rubber always have a process of adaptation! If you already use the new rubber for some time, it should no longer be a rubber stick, and some glue in the first set when the sticky surface and the rubber are not completely open stretch, and then stick one or two just fine. If these options are OK, you had better not suited to the rubber, then they should try a change in other types of rubber, if you mean the small pull the small dip, then I suggest you change it a strong rubber adhesive, the early years of the 999T-1 (Kong Linghui use) that's pretty good, but do not know if there are still sold yet? Another thing to consider is to see if the corresponding action on the issue. I usually only sell their own comfortable using rubber, and many believe the ads, because most of the professional athlete to play before going to "rubber tube", and in order to play the greatest potential of rubber and the bottom, but this amateur to that does not seem right. As for raw rubber on the need for more careful consideration of the ... ...
Steel Wall Sports2010-02-10 23:31:29 +0000 #3
you turn over to try, if the improvement is that you are mad 2 issue of mad-for-3 better
zombieyang2010-02-11 00:09:34 +0000 #4
you play fast break this configuration is entirely the .

Chen that paragraph seven of pure wood board is recommended to use plastic to fight now, and pull the ball very well. Pull the ball you buy a five-story wood pure good.

Mad Biao was also issued two sets of edge-type glue, so hit the ball well, that is, ability to play so cool COSCO Taiwan fat, you should be replaced by mad Biao Tian Ji 3, or 3.

Backhand is also OK.



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