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Tennis backplane (Butterfly - Chen (horizontal) 30231) How to package plastic problem!

lfooo_2010-02-10 23:02:06 +0000 #1
The hands of the beat boom two forehand, the backhand UFO bomb (Bomb), when the feeling of playing forehand ball (small drawing) is always the net, only the big pull (action done it) because as a sense of not holding the ball Strong. The ball hit back to go out soon, the backhand felt okay, I think it is not a set of gum problems? Also, if want to trade in raw rubber backhand play, any suggestions? Thank you -
Flying dark2010-02-10 23:17:14 +0000 #2
pull the ball into the net with the other side of the arc and rotation strength of the ball, as well as the size of their range of motion and strength are. What do you think of your points there is a problem, then there is a mad two loop-based rubber, the ball came close relative, the ball is mad crazy two much better than three.

The issue of raw rubber for backhand, if you are particularly strong backhand offensive capability is the main means of scoring, I suggest you do not change, because the main raw rubber bullet hit offensive means, people who have never used is not a good pick up, And in relation to counter-attack capability of raw rubber adhesive is greatly reduced, if you backhand in order to defend then I suggest that you change the main raw rubber, as raw rubber hit the ball sinking in the past, not very good adaptation, with the level of the average person to fight is dominant.

And then there are in general very few people with bombs backhand, this piece of rubber is not suitable for Chinese people, for the Europeans. Proposed that the thickness of the sets of butterfly FX1.9 glue.

Hope the above answers help you.
Gao Lu scour2010-02-10 23:50:33 +0000 #3
Oh, could it be that you do not Hurricane sticky it? People who frequently play a set of plastic up to six months, thus, less playing year. Again, butterfly backplane hardness larger, with a little bit unable to support Hurricane ball, the ball will fly out on a touch-beat feeling. If there are silver butterflies can be set back plastic, or use a low degree hurricane.



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