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With regard to spin the ball

86,216,0662010-02-10 23:02:13 +0000 #1
how to play spin the ball how to take someone else's spin the ball
Yang Jie 199,1772010-02-10 23:12:51 +0000 #2
Yaoda spin the ball and then spin, spin the ball you need to first understand the nature of the classification of its rotation.

Spin ball is generally divided into the spin, side spin on the, side spin, side spin, under spin and the next. Side spin and side is the side of the ball through the racket of friction, generally in the upper part of the friction ball. The side next and the next rotation is tilted downward by the friction on the ball in the bottom, forming a chipping action.

Then side spin, side spin on the spin and the generally forward block shot on the list, but it also need to spin intensity of the ball. If the rotation is the left turn, then you have to push the ball to each other's right hand position. Especially the very turn of the top spin, you need to own bat to the forward and the need to afterburner. Another face of the ball you can pull the ball or directly to a plate destroyed, such an effect might be better.

And took over when you spin the ball as long as the cut, or cut in the past on the list. However, when you need to slice the ball rotation and proper to change the intensity of the tilt angle of the racket. Was transferred pure backspin you need to bat the ball near the level of dumping; while some side-spin you have to under the special attention, less time to turn to shoot a little face lift, it will be very easy to rub the ball high. In addition you can choose to pull down the spin, but this technology requires a very long time to practice to master.
wangzhixin19892010-02-10 23:46:22 +0000 #3
(1) hit the ball forward before the ball is subordinate rotation plus action method: left foot slightly before the body forward slightly to the left palm the ball placed on the body right in front of care, as quoted in his left hand while shooting the ball toss, forward below the wave.

(2), when he hit the ball dropped from a high point or a flat to slightly higher than that in the network is high, the forearm from the song to the stretch before accelerating to the left below the hair strength, while at the same time straight grip wrist adduction, batting in the lower part of the the bottom of the friction, the ball hit out after the first impact point close to the net. Such as hair long ball, then after the issue of first placement of the ball near their own end line spherical segment.

(3), after hitting the lower left arm, with the potential to continue to swing and quickly restored.

The ball as long as the speed on the list! !



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