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Stiga Crystal strengthened. Used the evaluation of the person to the next!

my_Sylar2010-02-11 00:01:22 +0000 #1
Recently spent 1350 bought a block of the ocean at the local stiga Crystal ..

is in hand to strengthen the board with mad 3.39 degrees. GJ8000 backhand loop to be able 2 face type.

Played a few days in the Terai feel very comfortable playing feel bad .. but the desks. pull the ball close to the table to eat the ball is also not deep enough. Yuan-tai, also a little bit at the end of less than

Please master Zhi Jiao Jin-under. this piece is not part of intermediate products beat ..

Or what I want to re-equipped with rubber!

I loop combination of fast-break style of play .. they are used OC's. but the OC strengths charming. demerits unbearable ..

Please tell Zhijiao next!!
Let's workers and peasants have the power2010-02-11 00:14:26 +0000 #2
OP is just a matter of fact in the soft 5 wood + crystal, from a fundamental right ball is not much help, in order to strengthen the small ball can select 40 degrees or 41 degrees mad 3. Backhand is not bad money if a good point with the astringent skin, at least better than foam. Can not be considered moderate, but + just a little hard. Yuan-tai, at the end of King should be enough, and how to say are the 5 wood. Weaknesses ... OC ... I do not think how a large extent, weak short ball was exaggerated, and choose the good fight is true ... ...

Actually, using OC's should be used for EL or CL to play, crystal and carbon too fancy, not benefits. Chen Qi hands the piece of ebony 7 ... ... Daoshi want to use with (longer beautiful for words).
zuweijie7772010-02-11 00:14:16 +0000 #3
哈哈! I have a friend in Sweden to work for me, he brought the board

I have often sold in the country! ! Crystal 4 I sell 800 pure mainstream! Fool哈哈! I have the opportunity to QQ626080912 or friends want you to come to me!



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