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Double Happiness V5407 how like?

mmfssfmr20092010-02-11 00:02:02 +0000 #1
I have been playing are plastic, used before the 503 butterfly, and now want to change how a Double Happiness V5407 like?
zombieyang2010-02-11 00:11:33 +0000 #2
5407 anti-adhesive glue and long, not being plastic.

Fight is glue or paste a beat is good, DHS floor Tian-gang DI-13 is playing is plastic, and seven-layer of pure wood, affixed rubber also 5 Stars beat that price, easy to use more than the finished film.
zeuxis02010-02-11 00:36:50 +0000 #3
Since the fight is plastic, then I recommend you use 08 new, V Series No 08's new, it has been comparatively old.

Double Happiness 4 star's anti-gum is G888, 5 stars is the Hurricane is 3,6 stars Tian Ji 3, to see what you like to play a.

Positive Photoresist configuration is not the same as, 5,6 stars being plastic is probably the Long Shadow, you can ask Zaiqu store.

In short, DHS finished film was good, if the play is plastic, then should the use of Double Happiness (DHS beat well with a traditional style of play), a butterfly beat light, block shot weakness, I think it is more fit for the loop.



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