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My father a birthday soon, and I am prepared to send a racket, to the point please prawns are some s

zjsgx5552010-02-11 01:01:39 +0000 #1
My father a birthday soon, and I am prepared to send a racket. . . . . .

My dad using a shake-hands grip, forehand loop, backhand bomb hit.

Usually prefer to send strong backspin the ball does not turn with the ball, and then pull close to the table with a sheet pulled the ball back Taiwan. For the backhand position of the ball, turned to the general low-chopping, or the introduction of higher order shells hit the ball all the fight back.

I feel my dad pulled the ball back Taiwan's got, pull the ball spin rate highly, but there are some gaps, control, defensive ability is not bad; backhand close to the table of the shells hit a good, a big threat, but the retreat to Taiwan because of the distance The elongated, leading to immortality who sometimes bullet, but fortunately my father the ability to play well straight shells.

I'm going with better control of this racket, there must be certain at the end of enthusiasm, play should be light (My dad now has big 。。。), age could be strengthened in terms of speed just fine. (Which seems almost too perfect, and we should not do it on the control of "rotation" speed)

I am going to use Korbel bottom, please put some prawns lot of proposals, must use plastic gloves, sticky, there are sets of plastic the life of the most Good to be longer, my dad has used today's high-handed for several years. My dad told me never to play the same as filling glue, sticky will be able to lay a beat a few years until I can not continue playing.

Do not know how to go about with glue, I read a lot of sets of plastic ,729-2, 3,8, bombs standard Veyron, beehive blue whale 2, the focus 2,3 ---- Bell how like? Butterfly King Although good, but seeing people spit at that price, after all, I'm just a very poor Chinese people Well ---

based on the principle of easy to use savings, the budget of 500 ocean (of course, the lower the better), please prawns were charges not bother, and if the budget 800 And how about the configuration of the ocean then?

Thank you for the. . . . . . . .

Citation lone Su Jian2010-02-11 01:08:30 +0000 #2
Lou Zhu said that since the father with a little bit bigger you have to rely on tempo add a little edge, actually I'd like to recommend the bottom shot of carbon, but taking into account the budget, I recommend Louzhu can Consider the Butterfly Korbel floor, seven-story wooden structure of pure, elastic good, COSCO Taiwan feels remarkable, on-line quotation about 300 yuan or so. Backhand to play the main bomb, then glue can not be too soft, and this time has been criticized for mad Biao, was criticized three excellent become a disadvantage to be advantages of 39-40 degrees can be considered three sets of plastic mad at first might be a bit to adapt to this degree, for a long time to get used to, general mad on the line, provincial mad would exceed the budget, but now the province of crazy glue on the market are too many fakes. Yuan-tai, forehand attack the ball if you do not take into account factors that consider only the speed, you can mad sticky 41-degree 3, but then the hard-plastic first speed is too high, for the manufacture of friction and spin the ball will be weakened, so in an integrated manner choice, I still recommend the focus of one (medium hard). Personal opinion.
Strange skin kids2010-02-11 01:17:42 +0000 #3
to buy some good
Guardian Night Wei Liang2010-02-11 02:00:34 +0000 #4
Since it is a bomb hit good forehand with provincial Hurricane 3, this control-oriented. Backhand hit with a special rubber bullet hit the health bar! I never used raw rubber, so I do not know what is good!



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