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Ask not filling rubber adhesive, after filling the same with the Hurricane effect of rubber.

jianhui452010-02-11 02:01:19 +0000 #1

cut 10 1 Wolf2010-02-11 02:11:20 +0000 #2
Duck attracted to build! Sticky rubber surface, which can be sets of plastic, suitable for being used!

Pull the ball arc thieves, this mad with the excellent quality of the three is similar to mad virtually certain that more than three levels.

In maintaining stability on the basis also increased the lethality of attack!

Implement the Duck has always been the fine style of work, packaging beautiful, exquisite workmanship!

Colors are divided into red and black, when ordering please specify in the order!

Rubber Appearance: This set of plastic-free packaging, only the black plastic cover stained with a membrane, sponge claiming to be 2.15, hardness is unknown, odor-free low-end set of plastic, plastic surface color of shiny, dark blue sponge significantly cutting lines, there are two pits, according to feeling down the whole set of plastic in hard, slightly sticky feel for the type, and some astringent feeling.

Use of equipment: Duck 7P2A7T, shake-hands grip, ST handle, positive and negative anti-long, the duck, blue-V used in the forehand. Forehand loop, attack the main, the backhand knock aside arch, the main defense, the backhand control create opportunities, there is in hand, after the opportunity to kill the board. The main trial is rubber gloves, use less plastic backhand long.

1, Serve: As a whole set of hard plastic, when serving in a small force, rotation is not very strong, there is no soft rubber cover that set the ball to eat into the plastic feel and viscous forces of the surface of a small set of rubber friction Strong characteristics, we must increase the strength, Faji long ball very fast, attack easier.

2, chopping, fault-tolerant better, mistakes small, easy to use touch control, stability is quite good, chopping feel stability, ability to create backspin quite strong, short swing can also easily controlled, power rates is also high, rub the location easy to grasp, afterburner rub it the next spin rotation, stability, and control the impact point is still in very good shape.

3, close to the table exchange that Latin America: close to the table have obvious advantages, unsolicited force feel solid, easy to get started, curving moderate, out of the ball speed, ball wrapped in a sense of strong, handling is very clear that ability to control placement of Yes, set a sense of clear plastic to bite the ball, very easy to create an arc over the net, and practiced them very comfortable. Small power hitting is very stable, large force to attack the ball sounds nicely, the ball is soon flying through the air when the bad reduction in down time "hit" feeling strong, and pulled out of the fast loop the ball is also very turn, arc also lower.

4, defense: I am very healthy! Direct block loop easy to spot on, very few mistakes, and often stand in each other's backhand open spaces in order to tune opponent, and then thrown down the kill board. Belt loop drive is fast chips, more cool, the speed is faster, easier to tune to open opponents, so that is difficult to continuous attacks on opponents. This set of rubber with the biggest feeling is that defensive speed, leveraging well Fengdang freely!
zeuxis02010-02-11 02:45:22 +0000 #3
should be a bar

Another sharp 729-08 Scott Thunder can be comparable to what Bar
_ Diablo _2010-02-11 02:27:09 +0000 #4
Thunder known as a small hurricane, but some used a ball-lovers say, or a price of a cargo, there are gaps .

729-08, are being sticky rubber gloves, and 729 sets of plastic introduced Cikuan just want to compete with the Hurricane, very close.

NEO Hurricane, inorganic glue sets without filling glue, personally think that the closest to the effect of the organic Hurricane filling glue, after all, is a rubber stamp with the escalation of rubber is the same.



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