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stiga oc and stiga oc-cr difference between how much and which easy to use?

wuchiming12010-02-11 02:01:26 +0000 #1
Classic oc less now, and not very good buy, the fewer the older models, handle style, only a very thin kind, not feeling well. oc-cr a lot, but I do not know how much difference between him and the oc, is not as easy to use and the oc? I want to buy oc class board, please predecessors, pointing Thank you.
order to optimize the game to be proud of2010-02-11 02:12:54 +0000 #2
table tennis bats, especially the difference between pure wood racket is still relatively large, be able to try playing before clicking to buy the best, at least these things about the ball, as I have a post cr technology you can refer to

Stica (Stiga) the introduction after the WRB and the CR technology to improve floor performance also brought to the user choice.

Friends of the questions often have the ball, WRB, and CR for the feel, strength, and so the impact in the end how. Stay on the surface rather vague explanation. This problem is very old. Here I would like to try to make their own analysis of the use of feeling for the ball-you for reference.

Use of the equipment was an ordinary version (where you can buy) and OC, starting from a certain period, I no longer plagued by the version of Kazakhstan. A total of four models, OC, OC-WRB, OC-CR, OC-CR-WRB.

WRB hollow handle technology

CR UV irradiation technology (do not know whether the right, there is help to know wrong please correct me)

1, WRB


WRB is a hollow handle, this we all know. I use about 83 grams of WRB in OC. Some experienced users that ,85-88 grams of OC have the best strength characteristics. I estimate that this weight is without WRB version of the OC (and the CR has nothing to do). I use a very long period of WRB, concluded that whipped forehand shot swing effect is very obvious - wrapped around the ball, accumulator, thrown. For the more the pursuit of power forehand speaking, this is undoubtedly to increase the hit-wrb so powerful racket weight, light weight to ensure a continuous reduction of attack speed, while increasing the power stroke - This can not but is a kind of progress.

Looking back backhand, backhand cross-board I think the first requirement is not lose the ball not to lose the space, in order to create opportunities for the offense, a word, solid. As strong as Glinka in the swing lachung case, WRB provided by the whip would have little effect without regard to a possible fight back arc, very large force. Personally, I have had some time to indulge in such a backhand violence - shot thrown by the thumb pressure - feeling really good. However, the resulting outcome is that you can only lift the forehand wrist-wrapped ball, no doubt play a very incomplete. Well, the backhand that can only be stable. But the hollow handle to bring the center of gravity makes the medium-power front backhand into a stalemate opponent's score means, generally, under your network, more are out of bounds on an end-WRB right backhand wrist control requirements of the arc is too high, just like allows you to take a hammer swing up and down, respectively, to take the hammer and the handle end, a situation in which the wrist is more demanding?

To sum up, WRB technologies on board the impact of the ball are as follows: to make the racket more inclined to continue to vigorously working on the impact of competitors, while the expense of the stability of backhand and replace them with more bombs hit other augmentation Bosha nature of play .

Finding is not necessarily a case in point. Guo Yue (using the WRB's OC), working on a continuous speed and strength, impact point, have superior capabilities; Chen Qi (using the EG-WRB), working on large rotating force, and the world beyond when a few persons. They quickly tore backhand close to the table, half put the ball grab Chong is equally pleasing. But their presence instability backhand is also well aware opponent's weak spots. Personal character and play style, of course, played an important role, but here I would like to WRB played a role can not be ignored.


WRB to feel the impact is not very obvious, but still exist. Racket is a whole film surface material is extended to Grip the. As the wood characteristics, the role of horizontal fibers is limited to the scope of film surface, Grip does not undertake the task force. The longitudinal fibers on the existence of differences, from Grip width of the extended part of the film surface, which is the middle of the racket with the Grip width of that part of the longitudinal fibers (Does any know how to do icons), longer than the other parts of the , which also participates in the vibration of the force - of course, because both sides of the wooden floor clamp, Grip of a minor vibration. The WRB technology makes this part of the hollow fibers in the Grip is truncated - become shorter. As you know, the shorter the chord length, the higher the frequency. This concluded that: Compared with traditional solid shank, WRB handle technology makes the whole earthquake mitigation, recovery deformation racket slightly faster, and the resulting impact on the sphere sensors have become sensitive to reduce hysteresis. From the actual speaking, leveraging more sensitive to bite the ball a shorter period. Veneer power conversion to the sustained and rapid attack. Of course, such changes are minimal.

In short, WRB for the time being backhand strength and stability of the impact of the impact than for the feeling to be more clear.

Solid handle: 70% forehand, the backhand 30%

WRB: being 75%, backhand 25% (rate allocation)

2, CR

relative to the WRB, I think the impact of CR technology, more is subtle marginalization: the appearance, durability, feel and so on. With a level of aesthetic appearance of the surface can not afford to sawdust. .


OC and similar five-story soft folder, its strength is no doubt derived from the large core material for the power of the strong support, while the regulation of surface material of the suspension is very small, so the CR technology is at best only have a small force leveraging been strengthened. Inside the pick for the fight, which is a positive effect. OC and so the original pick to play you can play three hours (total 10 points), then now is the 4 bar. If cr in power to highlight the role, then I am afraid that your record in danger - the bane of the small force that OC.


Speaking of CR's hand, I can think of a word, "separated." If you are used to the version without the cr, then the best touch the CR - and if you like to play the guitar or at least touched, or simply bar you always played basketball, and now allows you to wear pair of gloves, even if "its thin cicada's wings "?

A Review of: WRB brought different it is worth trying, and wrist strength enough, I personally tend to WRB-alas, I am exactly the opposite example. The CR, harmless. You get used to, you please continue. You are the primaries, to see what you have a value. OC in terms of the election, the first look at Spruce, WRB I have a focus, CR with or without, to see fate of.



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