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K25192010-02-11 02:02:05 +0000 #1
Hi - saw a few of your responses, feel you really understand them - and some doubts, trouble to answer the next - thank you -

I cross-pull grip, compare Europe and the United States advocating technology flows, re-Yuan-tai, a stalemate, I am not received any professional training, pure hobbies, technology, rough, will be far from Taiwan on the name of play, others serve a turn on too much, and my existing butterfly 30811 block of carbon at the end of Boer-fang pull. backhand with DONIC of F1, is now Hand prepared with butterflies buses, ask

1: Such a suitable do?

2: The bus with the use of people in working on common?

3: Are there other pros and cons of plastic gloves recommended? (I like table tennis, technology, while No, but the equipment is still very fever, Ha ha! so the price factor is secondary, in the case of selected floor, there are no other good set of plastic recommended)

4: DONIC of F1 and butterflies buses do need filling glue ?

I used to have a direct buy ping-pong board, for the first time with its own separate board, so basically do not understand anything - read online a few days said, also understand the one about - I would like to wait for me to go with a good board of Application Table Tennis Training - Hehe trouble gave valuable advice. once again expressed his thanks -

73135712010-02-11 02:07:05 +0000 #2
As to training, then go there to coach according to their style of play with straight appropriate?
lone Su cited the sword2010-02-11 02:14:11 +0000 #3
Taiwan if it is COSCO so, is recommending provincial rubber gloves, mad III41 degrees, the bottom and you already have a very high flexibility, and with mad III, playing the ball out enough to look at a certain speed, but which to some extent, requires you to better control ball capacity. Ate spin this matter, unless you change to play are plastic, or rubber in general is unlikely to solve the food rotation problems, still have to learn to observe more. Personal opinion.



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