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dcxcasfasf2010-02-11 02:02:17 +0000 #1
Professional Tennis must be a teacher to teach me?
free to a good jiu2010-02-11 02:14:51 +0000 #2
Hehe ----- note asking you to do not quite understand your table tennis, I've been Lianqiu I do understand that, in fact table tennis and bar is not just rely on our own hard work and talent interested in, it is important or coaches, a lot of sports is not on their own hard training will be able to reach the peak, of course, inseparable from their own hard, table tennis and our study are not the same, for example, we study it, in a book to absorb all the knowledge you can grasp even recite every word, which can be summed up with new knowledge, you can not teach the teacher, if you go to school one day a certain talent, because we have a lifetime, many, many examples of self-taught! So the difference between table tennis great, and because it is a limited time, and in a limited period of time like playing table tennis, to become a professional athlete, there must be a very good coach, it is very important because table tennis is skill -type, if our own practice, then wait until I am old and not have any success reaches, there is no good table tennis coach you do not know some of the technical, of course, some channels you can know some of the technical, it is just scratches the surface, important technology to know only the national team would like a lot of table tennis in China, but top-secret technology to foreign countries, as foreign military weapons and technologies like our country just like disclose, why the height of China's table tennis, why do not decline in foreign countries can not win us Not only is the difference between physical and talented, important, or technology, like Ma Lin, China's best athletes in the game, it is often with some new technology, each time stunned foreigners, foreigners have been watching our technology, they go back and also studied is the to our study, table tennis, a little innovation in action is a new action, this is our country's world champion in practice experience, He holds the world championship in China or a retired master of the world to be on the national team after a coach to teach Their real-world experience and some new technologies, so most people will not learn some basic positive backhand the ball, both positive and negative pull lay the spin, transverse fight, pick fight, put a short, twist, twist, talking about the ball, and so a number of basic, which is generally practiced in city! No coach guidance and technical progress, you will be difficult to become an amateur still OK!

Our national team coach Liu Guoliang, the world champion, now the Secretary of the State Sports Cai Zhenhua is also a world champion, now also to guide players, as well as Kong Linghui, Xu Shaofa ah, and so ----- there is China's Liu Guodong, he is also a former world champion, now a coach in Singapore, Singapore, we have been invisible in the eyes, the level is relatively weak, since Liu Guodong to become the women's team coach, the Singapore women's team asking for the moon, to constitute a threat to our country, which illustrates the coach Because of the importance of the coach to bring some of their technology, were able to advance very fast!

So I say, a professional table tennis players not only have a coach but also has a very good coach, no coach knows that amateur is hardly!
il7392010-02-11 02:48:32 +0000 #3
absolutely necessary.



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