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Stiga EG that two layers of blue on the board is what ah

YE Feng Zi Jin2010-02-11 02:02:24 +0000 #1

Sharjah2010-02-11 02:04:52 +0000 #2
Louzhu good can be sure Stiga EG is a plain wooden floor

As for the side of non-colored strange Stica Whether pure or mixed fibers in wood-based panels have a dye layer of floor should not be beautiful in order to estimate the performance bar, and can form their own bar features signature ah (cr wrb Stica technology is also a symbol of ancient slash Grip The style is also a lot of) basic Stica can assert that the board of the

Stiga cl is a pure wood floor, but there are dyed red and black carbon, Wang also has almost all the floor has a
wsy_jackey2010-02-11 02:43:30 +0000 #3

mesh flat Shop
San Marco EX2010-02-11 02:54:59 +0000 #4
Louzhu Hello.

EG is Stica launched a five folders of pure wood, fresh enough speed at the end of class, loop handle better. Was originally customized for Marlene, and later was famous in the hands of Chen Qi. Two blue is treated Ayous wood science and technology, not carbon fiber.

Hope you are satisfied.



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