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Ji Qiu a paper on the standard of table tennis?

l63772802010-02-11 03:01:32 +0000 #1
To be the standard normal, the number of words for more than 4,000 characters, the format is a standard, if satisfied, I'll give you 100 points
yanda5312010-02-11 03:09:24 +0000 #2
subject a little suspense. . . Forgive me


1 Foreword topics of a


1.2 based on a literature review 2

1.2.l successful experience of China's table tennis team a summary of 2

1.2.2 Chinese table tennis team to participate in a summary of the World Series 3

2 research object and research methods 5

2.1 studied 5


2.2 research methodology documentation 2.2.1 France 2.2.2 Expert interviews 5



2.2.4 Case Study Method 5 Logical analysis 6

3 Results and analysis from 6 to 3.1 Chinese table tennis team competition at the World 3 Review 6

3.1.1 Chinese table tennis team to participate in a review of the World Table Tennis Championships 6

3.1.2 Chinese Olympic table tennis team to participate in a review of 10

3.1.3 Chinese table tennis team to participate in the World Cup review of 11

3.2 summarizes Chinese table tennis team tournament in the world's three major lessons learned from 12

3.2.1 set up ping-pong "Army", give full play to the advantages of the whole nation system of careful study 12

3.2.2 Ping-Pong ball laws of development of the technical study, refinement, innovation, learning, retraining, re-refinement, re-innovation of the Chinese table tennis team enduring magic 13

3.2.3 in the contest before and competitions, a careful study of the strategic tactics, and only re-enter in order to ensure the victory of 15

3.2.4 focus on the cultivation of diversity, play table tennis player, pay attention to participants when they play team event with the diversity of the Chinese table tennis team to defeat the enemy


1 Introduction


calm the country based on topics of mission has received the first-ever world championship, the Chinese table tennis team has always been standing on the peak of the world table tennis, play the leading role 40 years, China has become a major sports spectacle in the world sports are also rare. Table Tennis is small, but in the eyes of the Chinese people had a heavy load, known as the national sport.

Chinese table tennis team won three world competitions 133.5 champion, won the world championship three times, "Grand Slam" in the Olympic Games twice won the "Grand Slam"; trained more than 80 world champion, has created dozens of classic examples, technological innovation, the total share of world total 58.7% Pingtan innovation.

From 1926 to 2004, the World Table Tennis Championships held a total of 47 sessions, the Chinese team since 1953, a total of 24 participated in the session. A total of 24 session of the 168 champion, China Wins 95.5, accounting for 56.8% of the total, ranking first.

From 1980 to 2003, men's singles table tennis World Cup, held a total of 23 sessions, 6 sessions of women's singles, men and women groups four sessions, two sessions for men and women's doubles, a total of 37 world champions, the Chinese team won 25, representing the total number of titles 67.5%, but also in first place.

From the 1988 Olympic Games table tennis for the first time into the year 2000, a total of four sessions, a total of 16 titles, the Chinese team to achieve 13 gold medals, accounting for 81.2% of the total winner, and then in first place.

Chinese table tennis team in the world's three major race Despite such a remarkable achievement, but in many failed wars, such as in the 35th World Table Tennis Championships, the Chinese men's team in the men's groups, men's singles, men's doubles match in both missed with the winner, only won the mixed doubles and women's team a co-winner; Another example is the 41st World Table Tennis Championships, the Chinese men's team in the men's team event is to participate in world championships history since the fall into the lowest Valley, only the award of the first seven, the Chinese women's team have lost eight consecutive reelection term Corbillon Cup. In the men's singles, men's doubles event, and no Chinese athletes into the finals, only won the final women's singles, women's doubles and mixed doubles champion 3.

The following suspense a little, giving points, the added integrity


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cocoyaoye2010-02-11 03:29:02 +0000 #3
table tennis serve is the beginning of each sub, which is the only one from the other table tennis technology constraints, the initiative a strong technology. A high-quality serve, can play a proactive role. It is due to serve in the race played a unique role in the international "Ping Lian," was constantly on the service rules be modified so as to minimize the threat posed by driving to each other, so that more game viewing, so as to This promoted the development of table tennis. Is now on the table tennis ball in all the main period of development, as well as to limit the threat of serving to modify the rules set out, and serve for the present stage of training for the appropriate training methods and requirements.

A major serving with the various periods of service rules

Looking at the development history of serving, every service rules changes were due to sport a new technology, the development of a larger ball to the other party caused by the threat thereby reducing the adversarial nature of the game and watch, making the contest the emergence of new circumstances arise. Since the latter half of the 19th century has been the sport has been, there is a serve, but because the equipment used at the time and now a big difference, it is impossible to issue a certain quality, speed and spin the ball. Therefore, the rules did not serve to too many restrictions. 50 years the emergence of sponge bat, ball rotation only from a single spin with the rubber ball under a later developed into a strong side spin can be found on the side of the next spin. And the resulting emergence of the "squat-style" driving force, due to the impact of this ball by force, rotating relatively strong, there is a larger threat. The 28th World Table Tennis Championships, the international "Ping Lian" The rules were amended to provide the toss of the ball drop from its peak only when batting, it finds that serve together to serve is not legal. 60 years with the development of table tennis, serving quality has been greatly improved, more emphasis on ball rotation and speed, began to serve the high throw, but did not give the ball side to bring a serious threat, so , the rules did not serve these new technologies too many restrictions. 70 years board technology has been China's first three new developments in technology also serve a bigger breakthrough. In particular, the further development and innovation of high thrown ball technology, so that it can be used in the same position similar to the way the sounds of different rotation and placement of the ball, and this technology will soon be widely adopted by athletes around the world, serve to take a gradual poses a threat to the ball side. 80 years, serving the hidden nature and threat of more and more prominent. In particular, the athletes take full advantage of driving rules, imperfections or flaws, using different methods, making the competition to a "difficult to understand the audience, players difficult to master" the phenomenon of the crisis. Such as the serve, the use of the same color but different performance of the racket to "shoot down" and "shelter" and accompanied by ball stomping, let the other party can not determine is what kind of cover hit the ball, so that players take the ball the moment to become "blind" and "deaf" so that the effect of driving up the order Pingtan public uproar level. International "Ping Lian" In order to reduce the ball's "concealed, sudden, threatening," so that a spectator sport, then the rules were a "revolution." Required on both sides of the racket must be a different color, serve, the racket must always be above the tables in this pool water level; serve, does not stamp one's foot; shot, the ball with the net not be greater than the distance between the physical network with the distance between the ball farther, etc. a series of changes.

Into the 21st century, the sport has been at a peak age of technology play almost all kinds of extreme, very difficult to have a significant breakthrough. In order to promote the sport better into society, access to markets so that competition becomes more intense, exciting. ITTF has conducted a series of reforms, such as the larger ball; scores such as shortening, as well as driving without shelter. To serve an unprecedented technology has been limited to the threat of serving down to a minimum.

2 to improve the quality of the three major driving factors

From the tee the history of evolution of the rules, the rules of each period changes are serving to minimize the threat posed by serving. Therefore, in order to fundamentally improve the quality of serve, so that the other side even if they could see the ball spin, but also still "eat" tee, it must serve to enhance the intrinsic technical quality, and measure the pros and cons of driving a standard of quality, mainly depends on the on the ball speed, rotation and placement of the co-ordination.

2.1 to enhance ball rotation changes. Tennis rotation,In the modern table tennis technology, has drawn increasing attention. First of all, with the appropriate parts of racket ball is conducive to enhance the spin of the ball, such as: using forehand backspin made the ball with making contact with the left side of the ball, you can create a strong rotation; On the contrary, it is difficult to Manufacturing rotation. Second, the strengthening of friction is to create rotating the key. Friction is the force line away from the hot core, but not the thinner the better, if too thin, but they would also shoot the ball skidding surface. Therefore, when the first ball to make racket "eat" live ball, and then increase the ball's friction.

2.2 control of the ball impact point. Control the placement of serving changes are driving a major component of the length of placement of serving must be combined with the severity of the right and left combination. If only the ball but not long hair short with the ball, even if the re-issued a short, placement of further Diao, it is unlikely to pose a threat to the other side. Therefore, in order to use the same tactics and rotation given the nature of the different placement of the ball.

2.3 increase the speed of the ball. Serve, the ball's speed and wave speed of the racket, and racket ball to the ball the moment the role of the size of the force. If the friction the ball, based on the ball when the explosive force greater the higher the quality of its ball. Therefore, to make full use of cited shoot, just like the same run-up. Must have a certain amount of arm swing time. The availability of a certain drop height at the same time, give full play to the forearm, upper arm, wrist and waist, leg strength. The maximum speed up the swing speed, so that the maximum speed of rotation and improved.

3 ball training requirements and training methods

3,1 to have perseverance. Serve the training is relatively boring, but can be trained not be achieved overnight, and it need to go through the accumulation of long-term training. Should train serve, in addition to fully understand the role of serving, but the main thing is to foster an early age interested in serving, and only on the tee has a strong interest in possible with perseverance to refine it and study it.

3.2 thorough understanding of the spirit of service rules. High-quality tee must be standardized, especially for youth sports to be made it clear that the main points of the rules, especially rules, service rules must be understood infiltration. Serve the phenomenon of unauthorized There are many types of more common among young people are: no racket hand is not open Shinpei; drop when not holding the bat less than the table game; drop height of less than 16 cm and so on. But the phenomenon is now more illegal block serve. To do serve non-blocking, it made the players do not require free hand in the drop immediately after the players from the fat body and the net area between the Canal opened. Therefore, when driving training, we should pay attention to correct irregularities serve technology, with particular attention to avoid the forehand serve, with their own body, arms, clothing, etc. block the other's behavior.

3.3 to establish the correct concept. In practice before serving to let players know the ball rotation, the relationship between the impact point and speed to help the athletes understand the characteristics of a variety of ball and clearly serve a variety of methods and techniques of essentials. To the extent possible, given the ball with power weight, placement of Diao, spin strong, fast and so on.

3.4 serve a means of training,

3.4.1 Multi-ball training. This is the most basic driving training, training methods, which serve to explore the laws and improve the quality of serve is very effective.

3.4.2 high level players Peilian. Serve and return of serve is a pair of complementary technologies, their mutual practice of the best results. If you catch the ball Party stronger ability in a high level, it is more conducive to serving those who serve and to improve their technique. But also at a high level team under the guidance of the return of serve, with targeted exercises serve a particular technology, links, breaking a difficulty.

3.5 supporting Jackie Chan, and refined a set of. In order to be able to serve a particular role to play, there must be matching with the interference. For example, a strong backspin the ball, there must be not to switch the ball with; short ball to have long-ball effort. A set of changes should serve as much as possible, including the speed, rotation and placement of change. However, in training requirements "fine", according to their strengths and master one or two technical precision and high-quality tee, avoid biting off more than perfection but ill-equipped.

3.6 improvement and innovation in driving skills and adapt to the new rules. Serve the new rules did not serve a complete denial of all the original techniques, such as squatting serve, backhand low serve and backhand lob throw ball and so can continue to use or improvement and innovation. Especially the backhand lob serve, backhand serve as the location of the original hitting the ball square on the front of the body more easily adapt to new rules and requirements, combined with high toss serve to accelerate the speed of the ball and increase the strength of the ball, thereby increasing the spin of the ball. Therefore, focused on the backhand lob serve technology and innovation, obviously has its advantages.

That's all, to Cou words, you are in some more --------



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