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A series of questions on the ping-pong paddle

Mummy bandages Brand2010-02-11 03:02:04 +0000 #1
recently tried to stick a racket, ready yourself, but some problems are not too clear, and needed to ask.

Is now bought a black tulip of 60 yuan carbon backplane, as well as the degree to do forehand 729-0847.

I usually play every day, as is the fitness, forehand smash, backhand mainly chopping and cutting the ball. For the tempo is a little do not know.

Question is as follows:

1: Please recommend a counter-plastic gloves, soft number. Some people say that CJ8000 good, do not know. . .

2: glue Shayang to buy it? The best models can be specific to the brand price. . .

3: sticky beat in time to pay attention Diansha?

4: The board There are many very small like the deliberate planning of the stripes Editor's Note?

5: Friends would also like to stick a beat, please recommend a configuration of less than 150 yuan. Is probably also a good forehand, backhand somewhat less-common type.
Takasato mountain2010-02-11 03:06:05 +0000 #2
If you really do not understand, I suggest you go look at the table tennis goods store. The playing characteristics of your requirements and ideas to tell them that they will beat you recommend for you.
Big Head Sugar2010-02-11 03:27:55 +0000 #3
first have to know more pick carbon plate rubber, generally with soft. 729-08 own high-elastic sponge, take the 45 degrees is sufficient (racket with shells too hard too hard to master, first of all control is the key) ... Model proposed to take into account the galaxy, the best-quality domestic brands. Word of mouth than the tulip, Sakura Such cottage flowers out of a large portion of a good board. Material proposed .5 layer of pure wood or 7 layers. feel better than the carbon plate. . . 1: cj8000 is a good backhand configuration, sub-ABC-type fast light stick. Light-type or full type is a set of semi-sticky astringent. Close to the table loop-type is a pure astringent sets ... generally opt for light or full model can be a ... 2: Glue Buy 729 organic non-toxic (transparent bottle) 30 or so. special glue. to the physical stores with sticky film can also be called the clerk. generally free of charge ... 3: sticky film should be noted that after the glue dry before getting on the board, sets of plastic can be brush 3-layer glue. pallet of general two-layer. have to wait until dry and then brush the next level. Others note of sets of plastic can be a neat docking ... 4: Timber Trail cut marks or natural wood grain ... 5: To know that your friend can recommend a specific style of play. Otherwise, you easily get hold of configuration and too irresponsible. General mainstream entry configuration Galaxy Mc-2 + being crazy 3 + backhand cj8000. . . But best to give your friend's play such a configuration more appropriate. If Louzhu fear of being slaughtered can also explain to your personal style of play, as well as features. Andrew shining with configuration parameters are given on the line. ps: everyone's style of play is different, with film of the first requirement is to know the specific style of play. You did not ask that question will give you shop with really too dark (like doctors do not ask do not ask his condition prescription) ...
_ Diablo _2010-02-11 03:19:49 +0000 #4
1.CJ8000C-type light stick is more suitable backhand. There are two sides loop.

2. My first stick, or call the shop to help you stick bar. Double Happiness 729 beehive are the glue.

3. It should be noted too much, this go into the details. . .

4. Should be a wood bar, with the scratch is still very different.

5.150 yuan? MC-2 plus forehand 729-2, hair hand Tianyi 729.



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