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Ask your friends who recommended rubber

K25192010-02-11 04:01:08 +0000 #1
I cross-pull grip, compare Europe and the United States advocating technology flows, re-Yuan-tai, a stalemate, I have not received any professional training, pure hobbies, technology, rough, will be far from Taiwan on the name of play, others serve a turn on the too much, and my existing butterfly 30811 block of carbon at the end of Boer-fang pull. backhand with DONIC of F1, is now being prepared with a butterfly buses, ask

1: Such a suitable do?

2: The bus with the use of people in the forehand common?

3: Are there other pros and cons of plastic gloves recommended? (I like table tennis, technology, while not, but the equipment is still very fever, Ha ha! so the price factor is secondary and, in selected floor of , there are no other good set of plastic recommended)

4: DONIC of F1 and butterflies buses do need filling glue?

I do not speak of this problem are more to mention. trouble you gave valuable advice. once again expressed his thanks --

I am a Shanghai Hongkou, and incidentally also look for like-minded with them Qiecuo - just graduated into the unit where table tennis is not popular, no one one of the ...

Diablo _ _2010-02-11 04:05:59 +0000 #2
1. suitable for fast attack, and Yuan-tai arc.

2. Abroad is relatively common, the domestic are doing is hand-made sticky rubber.

3. Since the adoration of European streams (not Europe and the United States flow), bus SPEED with the most appropriate, there is TENERGY05. I am an Asian style of play, not blind recommendation.

4. Filling glue would be more effective.

Many problems can be more points, naturally someone is willing to answer.



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