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Nittaku Violin to accompany what is rubber?

jazzydzj2010-02-11 05:02:04 +0000 #1
Recent want to change tempo of

can be equipped with provincial mad Well?

Or what could be better with a
, of course, the price of the
San Marco EX2010-02-11 05:11:54 +0000 #2
Louzhu Hello.

I do not know you are the horizontal boards or straight, according to said horizontal plate. The violin with a very special ash wood materials can be considered a best original version of the horizontal plate for the violin is relatively easy to use, the loop is still not as good as OC, but strong and powerful than the OC, a speed much quicker. Province, is absolutely crazy with no problem, it is recommended provincial mad 3 40 degrees, irrigation plastic slowly to enjoy the bar after her. Personal recommendation Province mad 2 40 degrees, filling plastic six times, playing storm the special Shuang, a thief got a bad loop. Provincial mad three-line is about 130, the provincial mad 2 is 150 or so, want to have to spend Louzhu violin, and the economy should be no great problem.

Backhand or a jacket in the mainstream, nita Library purple Nepal is hitting flesh points, but generally acceptable; Butterfly SRIVER old and Mi-chien is also a weapon. Both the 140 or so.

Hope you are satisfied.

PS If Louzhu backhand a little better and more confident, he can try to control a number of faster more flexible jacket, do not feel bad money, butterfly bus SPEED is a very violent version of Shibuya sets, speed class, with more aggressive backhand. For reference only.
liruifan6092010-02-11 05:22:31 +0000 #3
Oh, the library has been heard of nita pure wood floor is a ping-pong paddle in the classic, unfortunately not used, no one around to use. Provincial mad Well, good irrigation plastic irrigation if there's no problem filling is bad then it goes without saying, and is called the one difficult to use ah! If the suspected Hurricane Louzhu trouble filling glue can be used purple Nepal α, and the like astringent nature of coat, I used the purple Nepal α, feeling okay bar. Backhand me to recommend my favorite Louzhu DONIC use the F1, I have been using this set of rubber, feeling how should I say, that is, a smoothly, regardless of defense, attack, very smoothly, not to mention the sound is absolutely crisp, the price not expensive, 150 is absolutely holding down. There is a Bart's FX or bus, are also a very good reputation sets of plastic.
Let's workers and peasants have the power2010-02-11 06:11:04 +0000 #4
wow ... ... also a rich golfers, congratulations you got a good shot (I wipe the saliva ... ...)

I have always wanted to start earlier Violin ... ... Unfortunately, straight after the change, and then bid farewell to tears Benzhe Violin.

Violin prices should be aware of the bar ... ... 1,500 yen hit 8 button ... ...

Violin many are far from unique, Ash's surface material, power wood; Paulownia large core (Ash more rigid, dense, so that out of the ball quickly, but because of wood surface material and the force is very thin, the performance of random medium; while Paulownia large core has always been considered to be top-level core material Unfortunately, with the gap between hard and soft wood trees, the general splicing, the only shortcoming ah). It makes the Violin eating the ball, though not deep, but very good toughness, making her hair in a small force Tude comfortable, Daihatsu have excellent strength to strength. casual jacket with Violin playing both sides of the best, make you perfect the performance of the power.

forehand bryce fx, TO5, TANGO (money used OMEGA2 ... .... in general, or Province bar); backhand 500, platinum, EL (as long as the preferences and style of play is like watching very ... ... it say). upstairs said, F1 is also marvelous, and the purple Nepal at least I do not like, hee hee. St SRIVER the performance of thin film has always been good, can also use it

If you think that is in hand to coat would not use ... ... the best one, use that rendering of 729-08 (should that province, 729-08), Sponge feel good.

violin is a piece of game film, performance stability, and feel very good feedback to make good use of it, need hair strength Oh, BT555 ... .... if you want to view and thought they made this change.



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