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Seek expert recommended rubber.! Thanks!

Gold luan hall2010-02-11 06:01:34 +0000 #1
My current configuration is as follows

wooden racket was stiga carbon-2 on behalf of the red crystal donic F1

is in hand backhand lkt

now I feel F1 rubber is too soft, pull the ball but not enough power .. spent more than two years, and now the edge of wear and tear. backhand how the lkt has not been ideal. Initially, it was arbitrarily assigned a

so now want to have replaced

2 glue boards should not be changed on the bar. you have a good, if The board may also consider recommendation!

play is a combination of left-handed shake-hands grip both sides of loop fast break.

the best recommendation about Japan or Europe, rubber bar

I was difficult to buy foreign-made acridine ..

Brand Model much detail as possible a little bit of La, as well as recommend the best you can with the rubber to my board

Thank you La!
zombieyang2010-02-11 06:15:49 +0000 #2
F1 itself is very elastic, with the carbon plate to fight is bad pull, and if able to get mad Biao 3 on the best.

Coat, then Butterfly Sriver G3 or TENERGY series is pulling the ball.

Pull the ball you'd better replace the five-story pure wood panels, mad Biao Wang the best.



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