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I equipped with a ping-pong paddle!!

islu09142010-02-11 06:01:53 +0000 #1
I play shake-hands grip, forehand loop-type fast break. Backhand better defensive point, although it could pull loop and twist, but are mostly close to the table fast break. I am not a big strength, like with have a more balanced attack and defense points of tempo. There is my school team, playing time is short, usually have class, no time for filling glue. before using a Galaxy N5, forehand 729-5, backhand 729-2. personally think that close to the table is also good, COSCO to Taiwan after the apparent lack of power and control may be cheaper, point it, because I always thought the original tempo to play 3 hours, 7 minutes so I do not attach importance to the racket technology, and now want to with a good point beat (the higher cost 500 or less) please master pointing, thank you.
syx38662010-02-11 06:04:29 +0000 #2
La Loop stiga oc is a classic bottom, but the relatively poor backhand leveraging, Butterfly Korbel fails to backhand attack defense and other areas are relatively balanced, two floor imported goods are around 300 yuan; forehand rubber is not recommended filling plastic to fight 729-08, ball fast, ordinary 80, the provincial team seems to be using 120, pull loop Double Happiness's Tian Ji 3 better, 80, are the market prices are not the elite network! Is now the quality of Hurricane 3 No, not recommended! Backhand, then recommend Butterfly Sriver EL 150 yuan, not enough money backhand can Yasaka ZAP, 35 yuan, leveraging, bombs blow chops are good, absolutely excellent value for money! Hee hee, I am also a school team!
Yi Best2010-02-11 06:32:53 +0000 #3
Select Joola the bar,

U pull-enhanced carbon Joola Carbon Pro Table Tennis bottom

attack +

Speed: 90 Control: 85 Strength: 95

Features: 3 +2 layers

Weight: 80 -85g

Baxisangba wood, carbon-based three-strong attack on the Nordic high-quality wood and two carbon layers so that a larger bottom surface hardness and is very optimized for attacking the ball dessert area. Strong attack and the ball sense of superb.

Is in hand with beehive blue whale 2, the backhand with 729 Focus 3; or bombs, magic is ok.



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