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Table tennis at the state of mind

e4449768082010-02-11 07:01:04 +0000 #1
game of tomorrow, how to adjust the pitch attitude to reduce mistakes in the next? ? Or to intentionally lose to the other party before the game to make it feel very weak race in the too hard? Experienced people referring to the next
hnxysh2010-02-11 07:03:20 +0000 #2
1, table tennis mind before preparing

The purpose of psychological preparation before the game through a variety of psychological measures to eliminate all kinds of bad pre-competition mental state appeared to enhance Athletes of psychological stability and with confidence, build a positive, stable psychological edge, forming an ideal pre-race mental and competitive state. 1. "11 point system" to bring about change in ping-pong game

①, require athletes into the best condition faster

②, so that the outcome of each game increased chance

③, an average of more than 21 game point game point system more

2. Psychological preparation before the game content and method of

①, to establish an appropriate match goal

②, to stimulate the proper motivation for the game

③, emotional state of the adjustment of pre

④, the will of the preparation of pre

⑤, before the game to keep a clear head

⑥, the establishment of the correct procedures before the game to 3. Suggested

①, to enhance understanding of the points system for 11

②, to readjust the training cycle

⑶, athletes often do ideological work

④, the development of psychological training programs

⑤, a good social environment and interpersonal relations

⑥, rational nutrition diet is very important for neurological and psychological and emotional stability of a lot of good

2, emotional game of ping-pong effect

in many psychological factors, emotional is the most unstable, constantly changing, the more the phenomenon of things, it needs with the scenario or the emergence of a moment took place, but also with changes in mood or need a faster transfer and weakened disappear or change. Athletes of the factors affecting quite a lot of emotion, for example: opponent's case, the court scores, match the size of the tasks facing, their level of training, competition experience, spot play, coach's attitude and their evaluation, the extent of the law enforcement referee, the audience situation, weather conditions, competition environment, as well as the athletes themselves psychologically prepared before the race the entry motivation, personality, will, and self-imposed demand, self-suggestion, pay attention to point to, etc., may affect emotional athlete.

Among the many factors, external environmental factors can be divided into two major categories, and individual factors, such as the rival circumstances, the court score, as well as spectators, referees, climate, environment, external factors such as race, are external environmental factors. Involved, such as athlete's own entry motives, personality traits, will, and self-evaluation, self-suggestion belong to the individual factors

1, a previous encounter with the opponent, who lost to him, the game is intended to motivate themselves can not lose or that it is anyway always lose, does not matter. The two extremes can lead to personal skill to play well and there's lack of confidence or too sufficient, this is a negative psychological state of the game.

2, the score lead, it can not correctly deal with, easy to self-satisfaction, high levels of emotional excitement. Came from behind, the wish to reverse the situation, would like to win, afraid of mistakes, did not dare take the initiative to attack, not to seize the planes, strike it worse. Some members of individualistic mentality, just started playing a ball, on the complacent, thought is not concentrated, the other side to catch up with is the depression, the performance of impatience, not cool.

3, pre-conditioning methods: Music conditioning, massage regulation, psychological guidance, physical conditioning

4, race adjustment method: expression regulation, conscious change their facial expressions and gestures, so that facial muscles to relax, ease tension, in order to enhance our confidence. Activity regulation, muscle and brain is a two-way conduction, nervous excitement spread to the muscles from the brain.

5, regulating attention: Attention is a players game in peacetime training, trial and error, and continuously self-training results, in the race to focus attention and serious thought, correct implementation of the adjust their game to win another state is a key factor in . ①, implying that he used words. ②, concentrate on fast and accurate analysis of each other's weaknesses, and make decisive countermeasures. ③, to increase the ball's attention.

3, table-tennis players psychological training methods

1, will the quality of tempering: First, * to say, talk about experience. Second, there is a sense in the training and competition make it difficult. Third, through the external race of tempering.

2, and emotional self-control: first, to maintain emotional stability is make clear-headed; Secondly, in training and competition should also note that when the players prone to mood swings of the time, we will provide timely use gestures and language to guide them to calm down is sometimes necessary to take effective sanctions and incentives to make players feel that they must have self-control abilities, talents in big games did not go well and the difficulties encountered to control his emotions.

3, play in the psychological adjustment: sometimes use to employ a prodding tactic.

4, table tennis players of various stages of mental activity and countermeasures

1, and strive to pre-emptive strike, the first to get started: table tennis competitions are sky from the opening serve, after the lead, stalemate, backwardness, the crucial moment, and several other stages The. Grasp opening, grasping the first battle, grasping the first five points before the Board is the key to the game. First, in the spiritual quality, and psychological qualities necessary to each other so imperceptibly increase the psychological stress and tension, lower morale and confidence in each other's games, from the overwhelming momentum on the other side. Right the first time, a strange confrontation opponent, in the beginning of the commonly used sound and there is room for practice, that is, first exploratory serve, to find out each other's laws, to detect a person's "Achilles heel"

in order to play to their strengths technologies Lord, when serving attention to hidden, sudden, shooting fast, line live, placement of Diao, and actively take the initiative in attacking the right and hit the ball into the opponent made the most overwhelmed of the place for opponents uncertain, thinking after the pre-test , no way to start with. Buckled down to the first to get started and take quick inroads into and robbed Chong, is not, can take a short swing, push, pushing aside placement of such controls, undermining each other's operational intent and hitting rhythm.

Who encounter considerable strength team, they should strengthen their confidence and emotional adjustment to reverse the situation immediately as soon as possible to change the strategy, changing tactics, and let the other side scoring again and again, but should actively desperate counterattack on the opponent.

2, the race into a temporary backward, generally manifested as depression, impatience, mental depression, tactical know ourselves enough, paralysis underestimate the enemy, overestimated himself, inappropriate use of technical and tactical, or has the burden of thinking, too much fuss about winning or losing, worry about the outcome, from an objective perspective, the gap between their day joint exercises with the other side, or the right venue, the environment not suited to, or Qiulu to g, etc., resulting in the score behind the setback in the face of adversity.

In this case, we must deep breath, do not be discouraged, stay calm and sober-minded, full of energy, uncompetitive, to each other create all sorts of mental stress. Outwardly calm demeanor losing generals with different forms or manifestations, always create pressure to each other so that the other was intractable and horrific.

3, when the game into a stalemate, such as when the opportunity to be able to lay the ball, leading to build on this when, grew in courage;; behind, it can inspire morale, boost confidence, is expected to regain the score, narrowing the score, played adversity transition effect.

4, a critical moment in the final fight

At this time the leading players, should promote the "wish to pursue Yong Sheng tottering foe can not be put to Learn Overlord" heroic Pinqiang to the last ball. First thinking calm, able to withstand the need to calm and cool, get rid of distracting thoughts, emotional disturbance, was not rash, leisurely, adjust tactics dare to struggle and fight fighter ball, good at dialectical analysis and seek to seize the other party at this time anxious to win, the psychological stability, timely adjustment of attitude, adjust tactics, psychological stability, and style of tenacity, most drastic Last Stand, on the contrary would surprise move.

5, to improve table tennis players in the game of confidence

1, to strengthen ideological education, a clear purpose of the competition

2, improved intelligence, good pre-race analysis of

3, from the difficult and strict training, to enhance confidence in the game

4 to adapt to a variety of play to carry out targeted training to 5, according to personality characteristics, individualized training

6, using competition methods, to adapt to match the environment to 7, increasing the number of winning and increase the confidence

6 games, ping-pong Anxiety causes the ball game players and Countermeasures

race anxiety athletes in training and competition in the current or anticipated to potentially threatening situations tend to arise concerns. The causes of anxiety:

1, focused too much on the results of

2, can not be correct to treat external pressure

3, for the strength analysis of the two sides before the game is inaccurate, incomplete

4, mental ill-prepared to 5, resilience is not strong

6, to the outside world too much stimulation and interference-sensitive

The way to overcome the anxiety of competition:

1, strengthen the collective sense of honor and responsibility

2, to increase processing capacity of a key ball to 3, to fully understand the competitors and the Race to the situation

4 create a training environment close to the race 5, simulation training and competition

6, learn self-regulation
Little Zhu Zhu Liang2010-02-11 07:06:04 +0000 #3
herself to be trying very hard to prepare! Do not be afraid! For their own interests to play! Tight meditation: no stress



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