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For beginners to buy and what kind of table tennis racket?

Rotten grass yellow2010-02-11 07:01:18 +0000 #1
I am a high school student, I want to learn table tennis, how could not serve, Kazakhstan, the original has a beat, and played for many years, and well used, I would like to replace, but the father said, and beat good or bad does not matter. But I think there are ties. Should I replace?

If you'll replace, should I change what kind of beat it? The best price cheaper.

Best to talk about what beat the performance of ah.

Thank you!
wsy_jackey2010-02-11 07:09:51 +0000 #2
I am a tennis enthusiast, 30 years of experience, could perhaps be considered amateurs, and beginners with regard to what kind of racket, agree with your father's view, if the old film adhesive surface too long one can replace a rubber surface of the sea may be some soft, easy ball, exercise more natural feel good, to be a certain level and then to choose according to their style of play and the sea bottom, glue side performance. In short, the "weapon of war the main factor, but the decisive factor is people are not objects." For reference!
aohuaiyuan2010-02-11 07:21:06 +0000 #3
have a good rhythm right help confidence, but the technology and strive to practice. I personally recommend you buy a decent professional racket, combined with individual effort, as long as it will soon be able to insist on improvement. As for the specific performance of the racket choice and beat length is too long because I do not say, they can search in the Baidu search inside, learning to learn, very interesting. I recommend you do not buy a finished film, buy their own board plus rubber visco-beat. If you do not can go to shops specializing in selling table tennis equipment, they will help you free of charge stick beat. Can also be purchased on-line will be cheaper, but also help you stick better. Horizontal grip straight grip you can choose their own, and now cross-grip is the mainstream style of play, but I personally support the straight grip, because this is the country's characteristics, it is necessary to keep it down to flourish. Homemade bats and rubber all came good, cheap. Cross grip can choose Palio Palio, straight grip can choose the Milky Way. Rubber selected 729 of the vertical and horizontal, or universal-type or the Palio cj8000 can be, to skin glue on both sides. About the price of about 100 bar. Ping-pong a lot of inside knowledge, after his learning bar slowly. I wish you would become a ping-pong master.
274,3742010-02-11 08:21:48 +0000 #4
What are the performance beat `` `
I think those are intended to coax people to do business is to beat the son of a good flexible version of DHS's a good strategy to buy a little bit small, but you that your 80 that the good of the I'll buy that
there are people who inject Zhou Liang2010-02-11 07:20:12 +0000 #5
beginners randomly only on the line, of course, the more expensive the better points, and most beginners to use the beat 10-50 on the line, such as attack type with the DHS on the 1 to 3 stars, defensive, then on to find only the plastic soft, generally on the line with 729, 729 tempo moderate, DHS's beat Ting Ying's.



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