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I would like to stick a tennis racket, to give an opinion

BiBi Tiger2010-02-11 07:01:45 +0000 #1
I have calculated that an amateur table tennis enthusiasts, Pen, good side-spin, are defensive, be good at a long distance, I also do not have the basic backhand side, the backhand is also pulling the ball with the a positive pull. Before Hurricane 3 with spherical, but rather a long time, and viscosity is not good. I would like to graduate next year, when a new sticky. Price of 700 yuan or less.

I used the butterfly plate, side of Hurricane Hao, side 729 possible? What is the approximate cost?
gray smoke2010-02-11 07:06:21 +0000 #2
do not use the backhand, then bought 729-2, cheap and easy to use, are in hand suggest that you buy a province of mad, viscous than ordinary hurricane to stick a lot of speed faster, you are buying floor do, if so,亚萨卡马琳YEO good quality and very good, Ma Lin, Xu Xin-line now used, as well as Hurricane Hao, also good, Marlene YEO 490 yuan, Hurricane Hao 460. I think it is more Marlene YEO good, because this film is the transformation of the suitable inorganic glue, board body force is greater, the destructiveness of much more serious. The Hurricane Hao this is the original article, although it 656 out of a Hurricane-Hao, but the price of 1,150 yuan, too expensive, or Marlene YEO good, with about 130 provincial mad, together with 729-2, value is 600 1:00, I propose here, you weigh.
Saga2010-02-11 07:30:36 +0000 #3
did not watch to understand the configuration of Hurricane Hao Lou Zhu said, is like the play floor bar

Lou Zhu rather special Oh, you say you like defense but also a straight do not know if it is chop chop, or block shot, then I am afraid that more If it is so difficult to block shot compared with the contradictions of the floor

one block shot a good seven or hardwood board is basically like that of Lou Zhu Yuan-tai, but the seven to a far more difficult for Taiwan is relatively low because of the arc is far more demanding to play the ball Terai

2 is difficult to import the main board is still more powerful attack, especially if the ball COSCO Terai Louzhu is preferable to use a simple block shot, if the board made a relatively fast pace of Taiwan, and spend less money to control a lot

Ye Hao floor is proposed seven The bar is not a lot of block shot Louzhu pull the ball more than seven boards and tee ball inside the edge

being 729-2 rubber recommend a more comprehensive rotating rubber elasticity are moderate, I think that is more suitable than Hurricane Hurricane Lou Zhu Yuan-tai, if to a more passive because the more elastic sponge poor dead pull hitting the ball okay, if not good with a low arc

being cj8000 also good and similar to 729-2 but thinner and softer rubber is better control block shot would be better

backhand Recommended Tianyi sponge rubber cover only 2.0, one of the lightest negative Louzhu little more appropriate to use this

or a tornado also good astringent nature of the anti-adhesive is particularly light weight, I felt a bit like a purple Nigeria
laughing and joking, No. 92010-02-11 08:01:00 +0000 #4
Yes, Hurricane used to waste, more than 370



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