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Table tennis racket choice

I love the look at yourself in2010-02-11 07:02:22 +0000 #1
want to stick a racket, not knowing what to buy, under good

please help, thank you (less than 200 yuan)

good straight: close to the table fast break, plus Hu spin "which is learning the backhand, and he is want to increase the level of backhand "

shot the body: Galaxy E1 (determining)

is in hand :729-2 or 729-8

backhand CJ8000 or G666 or Tianyi

PS: read the next line of data, which are skin surface is also sub-brand it, what brand can be introduced to the high degree of credibility of the same?

Recently, I asked a lot about the issue of table tennis for the friends who helped me really extremely grateful to (*^__^*)

At the same time it also gave himself swept the next blind, Oh, my QQ: 262989586, is willing to make the world golfers.
lyphonelee2010-02-11 07:16:49 +0000 #2
straight sides, then, to consider the weight. Forehand or the 3-bit General Tian Ji Hurricane 3. Would like to speed up the moment and 40 degrees or above, but should always filling glue, or else very difficult to play. Not filling glue, then on the 38,39 degrees, playing for a while to adapt to the like.

g666, if straight, then can be placed forehand. Wang Hao before such use.

The other does not matter. Backhand position as put it mildly, the hardness in the soft can be, cj8000 former is true that the model too much quality. Be better to consider hk1997. Are the Palio products.
Light 20102010-02-11 07:43:34 +0000 #3
close to the table fast attack options SWORD sword in the king the best fast break designed specifically for close to the table of

is the price exceeds the budget of the LZ
Tianjin ping-pong2010-02-11 07:33:32 +0000 #4
cheap option Milky Way, the popularity of the racket, the economy

1:00 affordable professional choice of the World Oder, strong professional backgrounds, each rackets are designed and developed for different style of play is a bit expensive

Jian Wang is indeed in good, Tianjin team was in use



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