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Ping-pong ball attack What are the major technologies? ?

zjsxpp2010-02-11 08:02:01 +0000 #1
More point. . .
SnowあSnow2010-02-11 08:15:04 +0000 #2
(1) is to attack the ball in hand close to the table

1, characteristics and use of stations close to the table, hit the ball in the early, the ball's speed, movement range is small, is close to the table quick attack France, one of the major technologies. Commonly used in place of the tee is in hand to fight back, pushing the ball stalls, the general topspin, so that the other party by surprise, in the exchange that Sino-Israeli line, placement of change in combination to mobilize each other, opportunistic smash.

2, the main points: ① take full advantage of the coordination body force (pedal, the switch to the waist, shifting center of gravity). ② forearm hair strength-based, wrist auxiliary force. ③ batting point in the right front side of the body (about the length of the forearm). An instant hit ball forward mainly a slight upward friction

(2) is in the hands Yuan-tai, attacking the ball

1, characteristics and use of stations is distant, large range of motion, strength heavy, aggressive and strong, but the footwork a larger range of movement. Used for exchange that in order to force changes with the impact point directly to score or to create the conditions for the smash, also used sideways to fight back after the rush is in hand, defense, when, in the stalemate in the search of opportunities; slice the cut in the counter-offensive player.

2, the main points: ① increase the shoot to the right hand side range cited is to increase the radius of ball movement. ② arm forearm hair driving force. Forward upper arm, forearm and wrist made up the main force. ③ the coordination of other parts of the body force is indispensable.

(3) the forehand smash

1, characteristics and application of large amplitude motion, strength heavy, the ball is fast, aggressive, is an important means of scoring. Commonly used to deal with Taiwan for the opportunity to bounce higher than the net ball or little momentum before the half-lob. 2 points: ① sweet spot farther away from the body; bat the ball should be the high point of the same period of high ② shot, not fighting "landing flower balls." ③ instant hit, the whole arm should be to maximize the strength to meet the waist rotation and tread ground forces. ④ Tathagata the ball with backspin, the ball just under the racket, ball hair shake up the wrist strength moments.

(4) is pull the ball

1, characteristics and use of stations in the past, speed, movement of small, line the living and the stability is good. Is a hit back serve, chop, chop wait for the next spin the ball as a necessary technology. Commonly used in the scramble for the return of serve, to rub in the scramble; to deal with when chopping steady pull to impact point, arc and rotation degree of change, waiting for an opportunity and launch attacks. 2 points: ① the body center of gravity slightly decreased, right shoulder slightly sinking. ② In the early batting the ball down and not too much below the table. ③ ball should maximize the area of the sphere of friction and time.
Jadeyang682010-02-11 08:44:04 +0000 #3
fingers grabbing at the ball a sudden afterburner, first hit after the friction, the next spin the ball, then hands should be placed on the table below, vertical beat some, topspin player than tops, beat some levels.



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