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I love the look at yourself in2010-02-11 08:02:07 +0000 #1
height 1.75

23 years old


weighs mainly exercise mainly呵呵

ping-pong playing for a long time, and recently discovered its own tempo of 25 yuan (Galaxy) ... cough -- -

would like to stick a racket, not knowing what to buy, under good

please help, thank you (less than 180 yuan)


straight: close to the table fast break, plus Hu spin

Is this the configuration of how to:

Galaxy mc-2

is in hand to backhand Hurricane 3


making body there any other choice?

Backhand distribution cj8000 How?
cypcsn2010-02-11 08:10:51 +0000 #2
depends mainly based on fast-break or a loop-based, and look close to the table should be based on fast break fast break oriented bar

mc-2, then feeling a bit soft, and mc-2 itself is a loop-board, more suitable for arc fast play, playing fast arc certainly reluctantly. Proposed that the Galaxy E1, this board is hard five wood, control and speed are pretty good, price is also high. Forehand, then proposes to use the boom, the province of maniac, but now is not very good quality Pu mad, getting lower and lower price, you can consider other options, such as the red lines Tian Ji 3, G666 can be, the national sets of two blue whales have beehive ,729-08 and so on. Key recommendation 729-08, out of the ball speed, control, good, good, if the hair edge rotation is not bad. E1 plus 729-08, but not so good with the backhand, and look straight horizontal, and horizontal plates can be 729-2, straight with Tianyi, so the price is not too much deviation.
freaky70902010-02-11 08:40:16 +0000 #3
cj8000 slightly softer than the g666, but also a little cheaper, as the exercise by cj8000 enough.
kuaiile2010-02-11 08:33:57 +0000 #4
exercise, then do not beat too precise configuration, the proposed floor Jin-class 2, it is suitable for you, use rubber 729, the price is high, if you do not often played with a backhand cross-specific sets of plastic can be used 729 Tianyi, can reduce the weight of shoot
saga2010-02-11 09:02:40 +0000 #5
Louzhu good upstairs to say you are not suitable for rational mc-2 in this board will feel more close to the table to play fast-break relatively weak and inefficient, and Taiwan is not within the control of the town of his hands severely held down a good block shot the ball

Galaxy E1 or seven elected board election board is the best of seven authentic straight fast-break configuration

3 Double Happiness is not recommended to use crazy glue on complete sets of playing fast-break difference with the general good rubber elasticity is too large viscous effects velocity

is in hand to recommend good performance 729-2, and compare the average cost-effective

backhand Recommend lkt tornado I think it is the closest to the import of sets of rubber products and in particular of the cost goes without saying that mild to backhand and then a little cheaper can choose relatively thin Tianyi Light and prices considered one of the lowest of the piece of rubber, but is not suitable for beating



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