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Please ping-pong master pointing device allows me

594,715,7122010-02-11 09:01:09 +0000 #1
I am a beginner, play no technical content, look at the video loop the ball himself to find out more, there is often less than pull the ball should carry a high and low on the pull, and sometimes can play on the backhand speed is also fast, but are more than the forehand errors. But definitely table tennis enthusiasts, yesterday, in line to buy a film, hope we can give pointing, technical good hope that we do not laugh at me

Backplane Galaxy U-6 [U6] of the original 2006 UV surface treatment of pure wood ping-pong rubber floor

I This intends to use the 729-2

but that's the boss recommended I use the Beijing Aibo BOMB rotating bomb attack in the outbreak of type 3 on behalf of the blasting Bombard can be counter-sleeve plastic

I do not know Daoxing not, tell the truth no technical Han racket all right, but the bought the curious, and hope that the next pointing
cypcsn2010-02-11 09:07:39 +0000 #2
beginner or do not use bombs, and using a comprehensive 729-2 with steady bar, a start should not use this feature of the comprehensive development of a harmonious set of rubber-based, and so on have their own characteristics to a Mengliao.

The other, pull is less than welcoming the former is not enough also, now you want in place waiting for the ball over and rub one click, this would certainly be better to see the ball coming at the same time you rush to the friction good. In fact there is no rush to go so exaggerated啦, that is, the center of the body to move forward pressure, hand-to-reach, sweet spot in front of the body.



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