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Wang Hao Liu Shiwen and how the inverse spin serve is sent to the

changkong1502010-02-11 09:01:41 +0000 #1

Let's have the power of workers and peasants2010-02-11 09:14:59 +0000 #2
Wang Hao is the spade type, Liu Shiwen is a small hook.

Is relatively difficult.

Wang Hao serve mainly characterized by by boom and arm horizontal flexion-extension, wrist area, and generally serve a different forward friction, effects and obviously, there is a good speed and tricky forward setting the inverse rotation. and because of the characteristics of friction is very easy to hit points by changing control the rotation. Unfortunately, very difficult to learn how far

big arm put far, arm bent and maintain a relaxed (shoot and forehead, flat). rely on the whereabouts of the ball sideways position of the ball with the big arm and arm to the vertical deflection sent, friction moment turning waist, so that the horizontal translation and stability, but also to help restore the wrist shot under control the speed as much as possible and to ensure that the friction from the friction of the thin, followed by friction (friction action and feel you have to ask custom made master of this, I still fail to understand the vertical and horizontal movement of light way ... ... in general inclined to rely on film surface tilt to ensure rotation, but the lack of side spin, under spin, and Wang Hao side of that there are still a big gap between the kinds of)

Liu Shiwen more common with the woman of the hook serve, toss a small hair after strength swivel waist, wiping the ball with the racket to the ball at the bottom of the front hook, after making the next spin. be noted yes we must swivel appropriate to ensure a positive and hook the ball wiping action below basic conversion one, in order to complete this rotation is also very difficult.



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