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Galaxy MC-2 table tennis bats rubber

long6749015292010-02-11 10:01:10 +0000 #1
I intended to forehand with Hurricane 3, but the seller said that Hurricane 3 Taobao need filling glue, is not suitable, he recommended I loop storm bombs BOMB standard Veyron Violent anti-sleeve plastic internal energy, backhand I had originally intended with Palio Palio CJ8000-round type plastic pouches that can counter inside, he recommended I YASAKA Jasaka 2009 be fully within the new ZAP-type anti-plastic pouches 36-38 degrees, I would like to ask in accordance with It looks like the seller is also equipped with a beat you? Price less the same. Thank you -
Big Head Sugar2010-02-11 10:11:09 +0000 #2
Galaxy Mc-2 is equipped with 39-degree & Poor's edition of hand-mad 3, backhand Rio cj8000 ... in fact, is also very popular with a very good entry-level configured. Polish your eyes, that they are worthy of the racket on what basis was led by the nose. cost-effective point of working on could also consider the new 729-2, playing crazy 39-degree 3 is not a lot of people filling glue. I believe yourself ...
lau Spark2010-02-11 10:09:49 +0000 #3
BOMB within the standard Veyron Violent anti-pouches can be considered as inorganic gel is indeed a good set of rubber era, without filling glue, speed, rotation has held up quite well. Palio CJ8000 backhand is a comprehensive model that can counter inside the plastic pouches Well (because of good word of mouth), Jasaka 2009 be fully within the new ZAP-type anti-sleeve plastic there would be no understanding, no comment.
Lina Inverse2010-02-11 10:13:10 +0000 #4
sellers so equipped may be due to out of stock, recommended is not quite expensive, the price almost.

Hurricane is also not used to fight, but more hard-core only. ZAP has a good reputation. 09 version is not clear. Ask the worker-peasant brother, he's authoritative.
bluesealulu2010-02-11 10:27:46 +0000 #5
Hurricane profit is relatively low. Understand? cj8000 is also very cheap, zap was not very good with

some hard, Veyron can be considered. Hurricane 3 if you get used to continue to use the.

May be suited Veyron. Backhand or cj8000c



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