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I love the look at yourself in2010-02-11 10:01:23 +0000 #1
Height 1.75

23 years old


weighs mainly exercise mainly呵呵

ping-pong playing for a long time, and recently discovered its own tempo of 25 yuan (Galaxy) ... cough ----

would like to stick a racket, not knowing what to buy, under good

please help, thank you (less than 180 yuan)


straight: close to the table fast break, plus Hu spin

the best detail points (beat with the price)

also There is also have a choice (to say a few)

Thank you for the
ufo_xxl_10172010-02-11 10:10:16 +0000 #2
Galaxy live Palio of the backplane can be, they said Galaxy's mc-2 is good, but the specific amount of money I really do not know, probably about 100 sets of plastic being mad 3 (which now is basically to be configured, 65 million), the backhand cj8000, 40?? concrete forgotten. Definitely meet your requirements.

These basic is 200 yuan a common configuration, the public examination before.
Sleeping WONG Ka Ki2010-02-11 10:25:14 +0000 #3
double happiness, but do not go to tailor-made, custom-made good quality, not supermarkets



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