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Playing table tennis forehand to attack the ball when the shoulder pain.

Prisoners Apollo2010-02-11 10:01:42 +0000 #1
Recently started practicing table tennis basics, from the forehand to attack the ball practicing, but do not know why I always end of the shoulder, the coach said I made when the total force strength with the shoulder hair, with a total side shoulder. Once on shore, after the ball is also pain in my shoulder, may I ask you experienced golfers pointing to see if there any way to be able to shoulder the wrong Gaidiao side.
Big Head Sugar2010-02-11 10:15:34 +0000 #2
Do not be nervous the first Ha. Even if the correct posture exercises may also be attacking the ball arm pain (separated by half a month before the attacks did not hit the ball to practice the arm will be a little hemp). . . Because a long time to do the same action will be tired muscles. Recommended before each subsequent Lianqiu do 5-10 minutes of warm-up exercise. Lianqiu of hand to try to relax (if you have the big arm-fat edge of the arm usually are stiff, remember to relax hand, arm with a big arm turn). . . Lianqiu must know how to push as hard, attacking the ball in general play is leveraging the ball. Do not use the arm hair force, which charges that the Si Jin, no matter how much hair will not force the balloon bursts. The game is to pull the ball made a sudden outbreak force. need folding arm. . . Hit the ball very foundation is a simple attack. The general rate of transfer of small waist drive itself, the arm with a big arm completely do. . . As you do not consciously made with the big arm strength is the main reason for rejection shoulder (that is, when playing golf, followed by shoulders moving). . . Corrective action can try to use the empty bottles of mineral water caught in the shoulder at the end of train movements. Do not let the bottle fall. That basically shoulders will not be dumped to rely on arm movement. Practice using this method will be greatly improved. Remember that hands should be relaxed.
Auspicious Mother2010-02-11 10:31:54 +0000 #3
This is normal! Because of the relationship between fatigue!
641,849,2722010-02-11 10:28:12 +0000 #4
Note Do not move too much.
cypcsn2010-02-11 11:18:28 +0000 #5
attacking the ball in hand when the relay is the main reason should be more relaxed, shoulder pain, then be caused by too much stress, hair strength incorrectly there is a certain factor. Better approach is to a fixed elbow and body together, bound together by hand to seize the living can not tamper with it, appreciate switch waist fat edge. Another forehand to attack the ball can also cause shoulder cited photographed major discomfort, cited a little shooting as long as the quoted enough.



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