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Why is table tennis, footwork is the soul of Pen Cross Pen playing the emergence of technology, tech

601574620XU2010-02-11 10:02:08 +0000 #1

bad z2010-02-11 10:10:41 +0000 #2
If you do not rely on the pace of movement, your hands and then there are a lot of long ball be able to receive, even if you are going to be, it is difficult to use the most threatening way back to the ball, the pace of movement so that you use the most reasonable position the ball, controlling a broader range

straight, shake-hands grip, each with advantages and disadvantages,

Pen Wang played there, so Pen into the shake-hands grip the advantages of more powerful

do not know if there will be any shake-hands grip straight after the fight, but it feels very strange
Long Qi-chun2010-02-11 10:32:50 +0000 #3
because in playing table tennis time to keep moving in order to catch each other's balls, but also in the move can hit the ball to each other to death
417.66322 million2010-02-11 10:10:48 +0000 #4
the pace is very important, simply, both sides of the opponents hit you dead if there is no flexible footwork how do you save, or offensive. The reason why the pace of play is called the soul of the movement because it can give athletes an advantage to play the best moves, if you site the middle of the right opponent to play a short ball, then you have the pace in the absence of penetration into the case you catch it before, but the pace can be a good fight for your time and catch the best action.
>>>>>>>>>>> As for the direct cross-license to play any good, of course, is more an offensive way, Louzhu have tried to play the way horizontal ball Pen do? This ball can be confusing opponents, As the ball moves, but the sudden change in the direction of rotation can cause opponents to judge the same error, delay in the return of serve in the opponent opponents 0. a few seconds, then you say, what Pen future development of cross-playing



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