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I have a table tennis bat how can we make it a little longer life

ZHU pride2010-02-11 10:02:21 +0000 #1
★ ☆づstars last night2010-02-11 10:09:33 +0000 #2
Hello, to make ping-pong paddle long life, we must be properly maintained, he simply could summed up in three words: Anti-damp floor, rubber anti-aging, using anti-wrestling.

1 to avoid the heat. Rubber sponge table tennis bats and easily after heat aging, viscosity and elasticity decreased, commonly known as "dead." Easily deformed after heated board, affecting the accuracy of shots. At the same time, avoid contact with sponges and rubber gas, once the contact with gasoline, rubber, will be deformation, metamorphism, and this should be special attention. Because the sponge is an expansion, and in the use of the process, can not be over-stretch, pressure, at relatively low temperatures where to play, pay attention to proper thermal insulation, low temperature will affect the flexibility of sponge. Use of the leaflet, and foam rubber board who, in the replacement of rubber, the use roasted hot electric iron head, so that the glue between the rubber and the sponge to fully melt, to prevent damage due to the change rubber sponge. Glue can make sponge foam, increase elasticity, but with the bottom paste, it is necessary to use a special non-toxic glue, so that can protect both the sponge, but also can protect the bottom.

2. To prevent irregular outside the rub, touch, squeeze. The correct action shot, the racket will not bump the spherical segment. When the racket when not in use, it is best placed in a dedicated film sets of years, while making kit, put a wooden or plastic plate, to minimize the impact of external forces on the racket.

3. Racket to keep the surface clean rubber surface once the dirt, viscosity will be greatly reduced. At this point, being beat glue stick can be a clean cloth to wipe lightly with water. Anti-rubber racket ball after each kick down should stick with a soft cloth to wipe clean water must be taken to avoid the rubber surface given rise to scratches, and finally posted the surface of paper or thin layer of soft nylon plastic film. Normally, I maintained a practice of table tennis like this: the racket after use with a dry towel wiped the sweat on the beat, rubber with twisted wet towel to wipe dry skin surface of the dirt, anti-adhesive while leather is not fully dry before the paper covered with polyester, is plastic have to wait until dried leather collection. Racket collection should be placed in ventilated and dry place, away from heat sources, avoid sun exposure, not to heap pressure on a heavy racket. In the table tennis tools, a wide range of rubber, but in general can be divided into two categories, one is anti-paste, one is being posted. Anti-plaster including anti-adhesive and anti-arc rubber, is affixed, including being rubber, raw rubber and long rubber. As the gel content of the different anti-adhesive rubber friction larger, surface adsorption, adhesion strong, rubber contact points with the ball slip, there is help to increase the ball spin. In order to give full play to this characteristic in the use of anti-plastic, the most important thing is to keep rubber clean. Do not use with oil, wipe the rubber hand. Once on shore, after each ball, the rubber can be cleansed with water, paste plastic film; if there is not easy to remove the dirt with water can also be used, such as soap and other cleaning agents washed, dried, and then.

Is affixed rubber gel content is low, tooth grain hardness, friction is small, rubber and the ball contact area is small, easy to slide. Based on this characteristic, use regular glue, you should pay special attention to maintaining dry rubber. If you play in wet areas, you can use desiccant wipe rubber, rubber surface in order to reduce the humidity. The bottom is affixed rubber skin is generally thinner paste with the sponge, one should not go to rubber coated too much glue, rubber case for playing the "Volume", resulting in unnecessary loss
stamyang2010-02-11 10:24:48 +0000 #3
most fundamental thing is not to let the racket And then finally in sight

the surface, if you are very much value your racket, you can use after each kick down a layer of that film, that is, when the band bought the kind to glue, so that more protection of certain

As a table tennis bat can only do so in a



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